The Adventures of TinTin

Season 2 Episode 13

Flight 714 (Part 2)

Aired Unknown May 02, 1993 on

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  • It was a nice and a highly enjoyable second-to-last episode

    We're nearing the end of "The Adventures Of Tintin" but this episode was a great improvement over the previous which was "The Castafiore Emerald".

    This is the book/episode containing the last of the well-known criminals Allan, and Rastapopolus as the rest have truly been defeated. Allan is pretty cool as his scheme's of attacking both Tintin and Captain Haddock are severe. Rastapopolus can just get darn annoying, ever since his first appearance on "Cigars Of The Phoroah".

    It was great to see Scoot again (previously appeared on "The Red Sea Sharks") where he and Tintin's people caught another flight but became hijacked by those working for Allan and Rastapopolus on the island.

    Yes, old friends and enermies renuinited again: Allan and Rastapopolus are once again up against Tintin and Haddock. The battle becomes hectec when some "madness" poisoning similar to the one on Cigars and Blue Lotus made most of the guys on the "bad" team go into some crazy mode.

    Tintin, Captain Haddock, the man does actually actually laugh, Calculus and Scoot escape and explore the island while trying to avoid getting killed by Allan while Rastapopolus remains crazy after being induced by the seditive. Every moment of this episode was indeed, exciting to watch. I got high laughs from Calculus getting pissed off and angry again, but god dam it I wish he wasn't death anymore. It get's annoying in my opinion.

    The whole thing turns into alien stories and strange voices inside everyone's head as they soon meet the island man. Rastapopolus did make as break for the escape but didn't go far as he, Allan and the rest followed Tintin's trail deep into the unknown. Unfortunetely the volcano erupted and Tintin's team were taken by a spaceship to be saved but to have their minds refreshed so that none of them shall remember any events after departing Jarkarta, Indonesia, except one figure: Poor old Snowy could remember but can't speak English so yeah lol.

    Overall, a very pleasant episode featuring the last of the "old" criminals. "Flight 714" was a very good episode with twists & turns, action, and suspense. And sadly, only one Tintin adventure remains before the end.

    "Flight 714" was the 22nd book in the series (chronological order).