The Adventures of TinTin

Season 2 Episode 5

King Ottokar's Sceptre (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1993 on

Episode Recap

Tintin is very sure by now that there is a group of people who wants to steal the scepter of King Muskar XII because if the king does not have his scepter on the day of abdication, he will be overthrown. After successfully evading a horde of conspirators, he finally gets to see the King and explains everything to him.

The scepter, however, gets stolen despite all precautions and they are unable to locate it till the day of abdication. At the very last minute, Tintin and Snowy find it and bring it to the castle. After some investigation, they find out that a person named Müsstler is behind the conspiracy. He is also found to be the leader of a committee called Iron Guard, Zyldav Zentral Revolutzionär Komitzät. Their aim was the disposition of the King and the eventual annexation of Syldavia by Borduria. Professor Alembick was kidnapped and substituted by his twin brother to help in the plot. The police officers and the King's Aide-de-camp were also part of the conspiracy. Tintin is awarded Knighthood under the Order of the Golden Pelican.