The Adventures of TinTin

Season 2 Episode 5

King Ottokar's Sceptre (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1993 on

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  • Another very good episode of the show, great dialogue and never ending suspense

    King Ottokah's sceptre, the eighth book in the series was very entertaining - this was also Bianca Castafiore's first appearance on the show. But the king himself, was saved the number one hero - Tintin!

    So, Tintin is on a case, and the two detectives Thompson and Thomson were almost killed by a package for Tintin containing a bomb. He soon meets the Professor of Sciences, who is soon heard talking to Tintin on the phone and is then kidnapped. Of course Tintin didn't know this, for it was the Professor's twin who took over, an imposter and in which Tintin found out when it was alreeady too late. Tintin was deliberately dropped out of a flying plane and in which he had to convince the Syldavia locals of the King's sceptre being in danger by Colonel Jorgen (known as Borris on this episode) and the Imposter. But overall, the funniest characters were and are always the detectives Thompson and Thomson who never bore you.

    In a very suspenseful second part to this episode, the King tries to help Tintin and his true or not true story about the stolen sceptre. But in a glorius ending, Snowy walks in with the sceptre for the King, just in time for the ceremony. However, even though Tintin saved the day and won the war/battle, one of the villains will return later on in the series (Explorers on the Moon) for his revenge.

    Overall - "King Ottokah's Sceptre" was a very impressive show with twists & turns at every corner. It also contained much comedy. I love this series, now on to watching the next episode, where Tintin finally meets one of my favorite characters, and in which is also one of this show's best... Who is it? You'll have to find out on the next (ninth book) "The Crab with the golden Claws".

    "King Ottokah's Sceptre" was the eighth book in the series. (Chronological order)