The Adventures of TinTin

Season 2 Episode 11

Land of Black Gold (2)

Aired Unknown Apr 04, 1993 on

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  • Hilarious, charming and interesting

    The Land Of Black Gold brings back one of Tintin's enermies from the past; R.J Muller (Previously appeared on The Black Island as a money forger). Now, Tintin, Snowy and the Thompson detectives make a discovery of contaminated Petrol all throughout the world because of a problem in the Middle East.

    In a very interesting episode, Tintin goes into the Arabian desert and get's lost, caught, abused and then he eventually runs into Doctor Muller who is angry/shocked to discover that he and Tintin have met and crossed paths again.
    Knowing what Tintin is capable of, Muller takes off and is now fully aware to keep a watch out for Tintin, the detectives Thomson and Thompson and Snowy.

    It just get's more interesting and intense when Tintin meets the captain of the temple city who has a very lovable but annoying child named Abullar, but both come to a conclusion that the boy had been kidnapped. Interesting it was, but sad. Muller (one of my favorite of Tintin's enermies: My overall best was Allan) kidnapped the boy because of his plans to trade in "bad" gasoline to the rest of the world. It became an awesome showdown when Tintin, Captain Haddock (who came out of nowhere to save Tintin) and the Thompsons are up against Muller while trying not to make a false move which would lead to Abdullar's death. Muller was caught, and the ending was a little different than we expected in regards to the enermy.

    The funniest scene's in my opinion were Captain's outbursts, Abdullar's tricks and the Thompsons being lost in the desert having mirages. LOL, funny, charming and hilaious.

    This was a great/interesting story that will always be a good one to read/watch. Each story has been great so far, including the short ones.

    But I'm not taking my chances with Muller, as I have a feeling he'll be back for a third time later on...

    Tintin: Land Of Black Gold is the 15th book in the series (chronological order).