The Adventures of TinTin

Season 3 Episode 6

Prisoners of the Sun (2)

Aired Unknown May 30, 1993 on

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  • Prisoners Of The Sun wasn't as strong as The Seven Crystal Balls, but I was still highly satisfied with the action and the ever-lasting conclusion to this two-parter story

    Tintin and Captain Haddock continued their great journey to save Professor Calculus and find out the revelation of what happened to the seven decsendants of the seven crystal balls.

    In a thrilling episode, the journey to save Calculus turned into an explosive adventure with miracles and unfairness. It was funny to see Captain being stood up by the Liama's of Peru, lol. He got his revenge on the final scene, and it was a crack-up too, the best way to finish a thriller of an episode.

    I loved the journey's through the mountains and the forest, as those sorts of Tintin adventures are special. This was one of them, but like the previous book, the Indian kept following Tintin and almost got him killed on an action-packed train scene up in the mountains. The Thompsons on the other hand, we're up to no good. Following a Pendulum across the world...

    The adventure only became more exciting as time pressed on. Liama's, Liama's, Hawks and deadly creatures along the way, but I must honestly say I was dissapointed because of the cut-out parts in the forest that were in the book - like Zorrino nearly getting strangled by a large snake, a battle against the crocodiles in the river, and the monkey attacks. Oh well, to move on, the Prisoners Of The Sun's temple was located, and Zorrino, Captain and Tintin went in, but obviously got caught by the Inca/Indian's. Tintin never gave up hope, as he started praying to the sun - which worked. They also found Cuthbert (Calculus) who was just fine. Upon getting released, the seven descendants from 'The Seven Crystal Balls' were awoken from the poison which was my favorite part.

    So, Tintin has managed to escape and survive FOURTEEN massive adventures so far. The next story will lead Tintin into the Arabian desert where he not only discover an old enermy from his SEVENTH adventure 'The Black Island', but he will be faced with something perhaps more deadly than this.

    Overall, I can agree that 'The Seven Crystal Balls' was more interesting and action-based, but this second part was very nerve-wracking and interesting. I'll never forget the Liama's and the train scene.

    "Prisoners Of The Sun" is the 14th book in the series (Chronological order).