The Adventures of TinTin

(ended 1993)





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  • Can't hold a candle to the classics from the 80s.

    I am a huge fan of Tintin, I have all the comic books, including the one Hergé never finished. And I absolutely love the original animated movies from the 80s.

    I know that series wasn't exceptionally well animated (okay, the animation was poor) and I know that the stories differed from how they went in the comic books... but that is Tintin on TV for me. That series had its own charm, lots of heart and it really appealled to me.

    This newer version lacks the heart and soul of the original versions. The animation is only mildly improved and it doesn't come to life the way the series from the 80s did. And I can't stand watching the Swedish dubs as they have recast all the parts and Captain Haddock has gone from temperamental, passionate fireball to slow, peaceful man from Gothenburg. Nope, it just doesn't work for me.