The Adventures of TinTin

(ended 1993)





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  • This was one show during the 90's growing that I really enjoyed watching.

    When I first saw the intro, I was like, Wow, this is so cool.

    Hegre deserves alot of credit for making a series about a news reporter who travels the world, fights villains and exposes corruption. IMO, the major contributor to this show being a hit was the music. I mean, wow, talk about epic!

    The voice actors in this show were really good as well. Tintin, Captain Haddock, the Thompsons all sounded professionally voiced.

    Another thing I loved about the show was the fact it was very realistic for the most part and had stories that kept you on the edge of your seat. It was very unpolitcally correct, but who cares? That term to me in a huge eyesore.

    Lastly, the action scenes in this show were very adrenaline pumping. Gun fights, stealth missions, Tintin punching villains in the face, his near death escapes. Just wow...

    All in all, this show was just plain amazing. It's too bad Hegre didn't come up with more material, he was that good a comic writer.