The Adventures of TinTin - Season 0

(ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Tintin and the Golden Fleece
    An old friend of captain Haddock, Thémistocle Paparanic, dies and his last will is to leave Haddock his ship The Golden Fleece. Tintin and Haddock travels to Istanbul but finds that the ship is an old wreck. But despite this, The Golden Fleece seems to be very attractive to a lot of people, among them a certain Anton Karabine. Haddock refuses to sell the ship and because of that he is almost killed! But finally the truth appears: Paparanic and four of his crew once participated in a coup d'etat in the small Latinamerican country Tetaragua. After ruling the country for three years, Paparanic left with the gold of the National Bank, and now his old mates tries to obtain the gold. Finally Tintin and Haddock gets rid of their enemies and discover where the gold is hidden; the gunwale of The Golden Fleece consists of gold, covered with black paint.moreless
  • Tintin and the blue oranges
    Professor Calculus appears in television, presenting a newly written book called "The Earth is Starving". He urges the scientists of earth to try and solve the undernourishment problem. A couple of days later he receives a packet containing a blue orange from his Spanish friend professor Antenor Zalamea. The fruit can survive in the desert. But there's a lot of interests surrounding the phosphorising fruit and the following night it disappears. Calculus travels to Spain to meet Zalamea but both scientists is kidnapped. With the help of some children, Tintin and captain Haddock manage to release the scientists from a criminal emir and soon Calculus and Zalamea can maintain their important research.moreless