The Adventures of TinTin - Season 1

(ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • 1/17/93
    Tintin and Haddock set out to rescue Professor Calculus.
  • 1/10/93
    Strange events at Marlin Spike Hall and the kidnapping of Professor Calculus send Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock on a dangerous rescue mission.
  • 1/3/93
    Tintin follows Müller and Ivan to Kiltoch. In Kiltoch he gets to know about Black Island where everyone forbids him to go because they think there is a beast there. However, this does not keep Tintin away. He discovers that the Black Island is the forgerers' headquarters. He also discovers that the "Beast" is a huge ape called Ranko. On Tintin's notification, the police are able to apprehend the entire gang.moreless
  • 12/20/92
    It all starts when Tintin tries to help a plane in trouble. The pilots shoot at him and run away. Tintin is hospitalized but starts his investigations as soon as he feels a little better. One day, Pushchov, who is the leader of a gang of forgerers and the person behind the plane incident, recognizes Tintin at a train station. Be boards the same train to try to get Tintin arrested for assault and burglary.
    After a few times of Thompson twins losing Tintin and Tintin escaping them, Tintin finds a crashed plane on his way to Eastdown. He looks around for clues and finds a flying jacket with a few pieces of papers in its pocket, from which he figures out his next step. His investigation leads him to Dr. Müller's house where he gets caught in a man-trap.
    Müller tries to kill him which results in a fight, in the course of which the house catches fire. Müller escapes and Tintin is rescued by the firemen. That night, Tintin goes back to the burnt-down house and waits for the plane which comes and drops bags of counterfeit money on the house grounds. Müller and Ivan escape.moreless
  • The Blue Lotus (2)
    The Blue Lotus (2)
    Episode 9
    Tintin takes the chance of crossing the Japanese lines to have the poison analyzed even though there is a price for his head with the Japanese. Tintin passes the Japanese line in disguise and comes to Professor Fang Hsi-ying's house. While waiting there for very long time he learns that the Professor left with a gentleman called Mr. Rastapopoulos. While looking for the Professor, Tintin comes to Mr. Gibbons, who takes him to Dawson and Dawson turns him over to Mitsuhirato. But with Mr. Wang's help Tintin escapes and goes to Hukow where the ransom is to be paid for Professor Fang. On his way, he saves a orphan boy called Chang from flood water. They become friends very quickly and journey to Hukow together. There a cameraman tries to kill Tintin and Chang saves him. Tintin learns from the cameraman that the ransom letter is a false letter to send police to the wrong trail. Next Tintin goes to Mitsuhirato's house and finds out that they are going to attack Mr. Wang. Tintin goes on the trail and falls in the trap to be captured by Mitsuhirato's men. There he finds out that Mr. Rastapopoulos is the Grand Master behind all this. But thanks to Chang, he got the police force there just in time. The story ends with the whole opium smuggler gang gets captured by police, Professor Fang finds an anecdote for the poison of madness which cures Mr. Wangs son, Tintin departing from China to come back home and Chang stays with the Wang family as their younger son.moreless
  • 12/19/91
    Tintin and Snowy come face to face with the leaders of an international smuggling rack for a final confrontation.
  • The Blue Lotus (1)
    Episode 8
    After the adventure of The Cigars of the Pharaoh, while Tintin spends some time with Maharaja of Gaipajama, a messanger comes from Shanghai, and before he could deliver his message, he gets effected by Rajaijah juice, the poison of madness. Only thing Tintin could get out of him is the name of the person, Mitsuhirato, who sent this messanger. Tintin leaves at once for Shanghai and there he meets Mr. Mitsuhirato. Mitsuhirato tells Tintin to go back to India because the Maharaja is in danger. Meantime someone keeps on saving Tintin from getting killed by some unknown person. Later Tintin finds this friend, who has been trying to save him, has been affected by the poison of madness. With a lot of unanswered questions Tintin leaves Sanghai. But on his way to Bombay he is kidnapped by Wang Chen-yee to explain the incidents. Here Tintin learns, the person who has been trying to save Tintin's life is Mr. Wang's son. Tintin also learns that Mitsuhirato is a Japanese secret agent in China who has joined force with opium smugglers. Because Tintin stayed back in China, Mitsuhirato is the one who has been trying to kill him. Together Tintin and Mr. Wang decrypts a message that Tintin picked up earlier by short-wave radio, it states "Blue Lotus ten tonight" which is a opium den in Shanghai. Tintin dresses up as a Chinese and goes to Blue Lotus that night and finds Mitsuhirato there. He follows them and gets captured. Mitsuhirato gives him the poison of madness and then lets him go. But fortunately the person who injected the poison works with Mr. Wang and replaced the poison with colored water and brings the real poison to Mr. Wang.moreless
  • 11/29/92
    Tintin's plane crashes in India. Here he finds Sarcophagus who is effected by Rajaijah juice, poison of madness. He meets the Maharaj of Gaipajama whose family has been fighting the opium business. With the Maharaja's aid and by his presence of mind, Tintin captures the whole gang and stops the Opium business in those areas.moreless
  • 11/22/92
    Tintin finds himself – by chance – entangled in a drug traffickers’ ring, which will take him all the way to India.
  • 11/15/92
    Tintin, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus and Thomsom and Thompson go for a treasure hunt in this episode. At end of the book finally they find the treasure and Captain buys back his family estate Marlinspike Hall with help from Professor Calculus.
  • 11/8/92
    Tintin is not the only one who knows the secret of the parchment hidden inside the ship's mast. The Bird Brothers, antique dealers, also find a copy of the model ship Unicorn in their basement. They also start looking for the other two parchments, and they are not really the friendly kind. When their agent, Barnaby, tries to warn Tintin about the Bird Brothers they try to kill him and also kidnap Tintin to find out about the parchments that they are missing. At last, the parchments are recovered and the mystery solved.moreless
  • 11/1/92
    An innocent looking antique model of an old sailing ship reveals a secret that could lead Tintin and Snowy to an ancient treasure.
  • 10/25/92
    With a little help from detectives Thompson and Thompson, Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock attempt to bring an international smuggling operation to justice.
  • 10/18/92
    A mysterious label from an empty crab tin leads Tintin and Snowy to a dangerous encounter with a gang of ruthless smugglers.