The Adventures of TinTin

Season 3 Episode 7

The Castafiore Emerald (1)

Aired Unknown Aug 19, 1993 on
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The Castafiore Emerald (1)
After a gipsy fortune teller foresees trouble in Captain Haddock's palm, misfortune strikes Marlinspike Hall. An accident keeps the Captain and Tintin at home forcing them to put up with the antics of an unexpected guest, Bianca Castafiore, her entourage and the invasion of press and television, testing their patience to the limit.moreless

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  • It was just as good as the book: Very slow moving and on the dull side, but I still liked it regardless

    Yeah, this one that follows on from Tintin In Tibet was the 21st story and it was probably the most annoying, and slow moving out of all episodes of this entire series.

    The story of the very annoying Bianca Castafiore staying over at Marlinspike with her shocking moves in regards to her jewels was painful to watch! I don't like the person, at all. I don't mind seeing her for a "few" short scenes like what happened on "King Ottokah's Sceptre", "The Seven Crystal Balls" and "The Red Sea Sharks". I didn't see the point of all her panicking and mimicking.

    The scenes of Marlinspike and the fact that Tintin, Captain Haddock and Cuthbert Calculus could enjoy a story without villains was great! My only objections were Bianca being the centre of attention, her stupid panicking, and the fact that her alone made this slow-moving.

    For the third-to-last Tintin adventure I was definitely expecting more enjoyement, but it's alright, I have high faith in the last two comic episodes: "Flight 714", and "Tintin and the Picaros" which I am highly excited about.

    Despite the negatives of a simply annoying, and slow-moving episode, the 7.0/10 score represents the fact that this one just passed in my books. Anything below a 7 is INDEED a fail. I did admire the always funny clips from my second favorite character (s): Thompson and Thomson.

    "The Castafiore Emerald" was the 21st book in the series (chronological order).moreless
Wayne Robson

Wayne Robson

Professor Cuthbert Calculus

Colin O'Meara

Colin O'Meara


David Fox

David Fox

Captain Haddock

John Stocker

John Stocker

Detective Thompson

Dan Hennessey

Dan Hennessey

Detective Thomson

Susan Roman

Susan Roman


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Bianca Castafiore: Je ris de me voir si belle en ce miroir.
      Bianca Castafiore: 'l love to see how lovely l look in this mirror.

      The line that Bianca Castafiore sings once and again belongs to the Charles Gounod's opera Faust. It is sung by Marguerite in the aria Jewel Song.

    • The action in this episode takes place in a weeks time.

    • Bianca Castafiore refers to Captain Haddock as: Captain Bartock, Captain Fatstock and Captain Graddock.
      In return, Captain Haddock refers to her as 'Signore Castoroili'.

    • Save for the initial encounter with the Gypsies at the dump, the action never leaves the confines of the Marlinspike Hall estate for the whole episode. It is the only domestic adventure of the series.

    • Herge can be seen twice during this episode: as part of the TV crew filming Bianca Castafiore at Marlinspike Hall and for a couple of seconds on Professor Calculus' "Super Cuthbert Colour" television.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Bianca Castafiore: Hello? Paris-Flash? Why of course. l'd be delighted. Tomorrow? Fine. I look forward to seeing you! Ciao!
      Captain Haddock: I thought you said you weren't doing any interviews?
      Bianca Castafiore: Yes but the Paris-Flash is the Paris-Flash.

    • Bianca Castafiore: Captain, when are you going to stop wearing that shapeless jersey? And that hair… you look like a scruffy little school boy.

    • Prof. Calculus: Reporters! They know about my rose.
      Reporter: Tell me, Professor... off the record, of course, is there something going on Between la Castafiore and Captain Haddock?
      Prof. Calculus: The Captain told you, didn't he?
      Reporter: Well... yes and no.
      Prof. Calculus: He promised not to tell. It's a secret!
      Reporter: Oh naturally! But how soon will it be?
      Prof. Calculus: It depends on the weather, of course. But they could be ready in three weeks or so.

    • Captain Haddock: (Reading the Parish Flash issue) 'Exclusive! Milanese nightingale Bianca Castafiore to marry old salt!
      Parrot: Old salt!
      Captain Haddock: Brutes! Filibusters!
      Prof. Calculus: Congratulations, my dear friend! What good news!
      (Captain grumbles)
      Bianca Castafiore: Oh, Captain. Have you seen the marvellous article the Paris Flash did on me?
      Captain Haddock: You call that a marvellous article? l call it preposterous! Outrageous!
      Bianca Castafiore: Oh, this isn't the first time, you know? They're always predicting I'm about to marry the most impossible people.

    • Captain Haddock: Television? Here? No, leave me alone!
      Bianca Castafiore: (Stealing the phone from him) Misericordia! Hello? Yes! Why of course. With pleasure! Fine.

    • TV presenter: We come to you live from Marlinspike Hall where we will have the pleasure of hearing the renowned diva Bianca Castafiore, justifiably named the Milanese nightingale. Signora, I know our viewers would be overjoyed if you sing your famous 'Jewel Song' from Faust's...
      Captain Haddock: No! No!
      Bianca Castafiore: Why yes!
      Captain Haddock: Emergency! Take cover! She's going to sing!

    • (After having crashed their car)
      Thompson: I was a little late applying the breaks.
      Thomson: To be precise, you didn't brake at all.

    • Bianca Castafiore: My lovely jewels!
      Thompson: Have no fear, Signora. We'll find them dead or alive!

    • Bianca Castafiore: Well, it's outrageous! How dare they publish such an ugly photograph of me! l'll sue!
      Captain Haddock: lt was a pretty good shot of the bird!
      Parrot: l can hear you! Riiing!

  • NOTES (0)


    • Captain Haddock: l thought you weren't doing any interviews?
      Bianca Castafiore: Yes but the Paris-Flash is the Paris-Flash.

      Herge is alluding (both in the name and cover design) to the French magazine Paris Match, a weekly tabloid that covers international news as well as celebrity lifestyle features. With his depiction of the reporters, Herge jibes at the magazine's reputation for the questionable accuracy of its articles.