The Adventures of TinTin

Season 3 Episode 8

The Castafiore Emerald (2)

Aired Unknown Aug 20, 1993 on
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The Castafiore Emerald (2)
When Bianca Castafiore’s prized jewel disappears, Tintin secretly investigates the situation.

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  • It was just as good as the book: Very slow moving and on the dull side, but I still liked it regardless

    Yeah, this one that follows on from Tintin In Tibet was the 21st story and it was probably the most annoying, and slow moving out of all episodes of this entire series.

    The story of the very annoying Bianca Castafiore staying over at Marlinspike with her shocking moves in regards to her jewels was painful to watch! I don't like the person, at all. I don't mind seeing her for a "few" short scenes like what happened on "King Ottokah's Sceptre", "The Seven Crystal Balls" and "The Red Sea Sharks". I didn't see the point of all her panicking and mimicking.

    The scenes of Marlinspike and the fact that Tintin, Captain Haddock and Cuthbert Calculus could enjoy a story without villains was great! My only objections were Bianca being the centre of attention, her stupid panicking, and the fact that her alone made this slow-moving.

    For the third-to-last Tintin adventure I was definitely expecting more enjoyement, but it's alright, I have high faith in the last two comic episodes: "Flight 714", and "Tintin and the Picaros" which I am highly excited about.

    Despite the negatives of a simply annoying, and slow-moving episode, the 7.0/10 score represents the fact that this one just passed in my books. Anything below a 7 is INDEED a fail. I did admire the always funny clips from my second favorite character (s): Thompson and Thomson.

    "The Castafiore Emerald" was the 21st book in the series (chronological order).moreless
Wayne Robson

Wayne Robson

Professor Cuthbert Calculus

Colin O'Meara

Colin O'Meara


David Fox

David Fox

Captain Haddock

John Stocker

John Stocker

Detective Thompson

Dan Hennessey

Dan Hennessey

Detective Thomson

Susan Roman

Susan Roman


Maureen Forrester

Maureen Forrester

Bianca Castafiore

Guest Star

Maureen Forrester

Maureen Forrester

Signora Bianca Castafiore

Recurring Role

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    • Bianca Castafiore: (Watching herself on tv) That's not me, is it? How ghastly!

    • Thompson: lt's obvious that the gypsies who are camping on the grounds are guilty.
      Thomson: We've searched their caravans, and not only did we find a pair of stolen scissors...
      Thompson: ...but also a trained monkey.
      Thomson: Now this robbery could have only been committed by a small agile creature capable of climbing the wall of the house.
      Thompson: We're brought the monkey for some questioning...
      Thomson: ...but he's not talking.

    • Tintin: l can't believe those gypsies are guilty. But if they didn't steal the emerald who did?

    • Tintin: (Lays on the grass and enjoys the piano music coming from the house, when he sees Mr. Wagner pass by on his bicycle) Well, well, Mr. Wagner must have the day off! That's funny. Who's playing the piano?

    • Tintin: Why Captain, you're up!
      Captain Haddock: Yes, the doctor just left. He took off the cast! (He leans on the wheelchair that rolls away making Prof. Calculus fall down the stairs.)

    • Captain Haddock: l have bad news for you.
      Bianca Castafiore: You have bad news?
      Captain Haddock: Yes, l must leave tomorrow. They're clamouring for me at La Scala in Milan to do a Rossini opera.
      Captain Haddock: (Grins widely) l'm terribly upset. (Giggles) Shattered! Are you sure you can't stay?
      Bianca Castafiore: l know you'd like me to stay, Captain, but alas, l've made my reservations.
      Captain Haddock: Yipee! Oh, happy day! (Dances)
      Bianca Castafiore: What was that, Captain?
      Captain Haddock: Oh happy day! My wheelchair's gone away!

    • Tintin: That opera 'La Gazza Ladra', I've got it!
      Captain Haddock: What do you mean?
      (Tintin climbs up a tree and checks the contents of a nest)
      Captain Haddock: Be careful! Steady there!
      Tintin: Aha! Two bits of glass, a marble...and... the emerald. l've got it!

    • Captain Haddock: What made you guess the magpie had it?
      Tintin: The name of the opera: 'La gazza ladra'.
      Captain Haddock: What about it?
      Tintin: 'La gazza ladra'. lt means 'The Thieving Magpie'. Magpies will pick up anything that sparkles or shines, like a pair of gold scissors or an emerald. l knew there was a magpie around here.

    • Captain Haddock: You've cleared the gypsies of wrong doing. Some apologizing to do, gentlemen?
      Thompson: Just our luck! The one time we manage to catch the culprits they turn out to be innocent.
      Thomson: How true! You'd think they'd done it on purpose.

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