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The Adventures of TinTin

Season 1 Episode 4

The Secret of the Unicorn (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1992 on
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Episode Summary

Tintin is not the only one who knows the secret of the parchment hidden inside the ship's mast. The Bird Brothers, antique dealers, also find a copy of the model ship Unicorn in their basement. They also start looking for the other two parchments, and they are not really the friendly kind. When their agent, Barnaby, tries to warn Tintin about the Bird Brothers they try to kill him and also kidnap Tintin to find out about the parchments that they are missing. At last, the parchments are recovered and the mystery solved.moreless

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  • Three Parchments, one big treasure!

    Tintin finds out that his wallet is also stolen, in which he kept the first parchment. Tintin goes to Mr. Shakharine (who had another identical model) but found that his ship's mast was broken too and the parchment was stolen. Thomson carries his wallet with an elastic attached to it to catch the pick-pocket, but, the twins only manage to get his coat. Mr. Barnaby is shot by unseen shooters & just before he loses his conciousness, when asked who were the attackers, points at two birds. Tintin gets his wallet back, but is kidnapped by two men who happen to be working for the Bird Bros. who believe Tintin has stolen their Parchments.

    This is the debut of Marlinspike Hall & Nestor. Herge was so good writer, that I like to read it again & again.moreless
  • Welcome to Marlinspike hall!

    "Tintin and The Secret Of The Unicorn" was without a doubt, a non-forgettable episode. The way that Captain Haddock expressed his story on his Sir Francis Haddock was a series classic. My favorite Tintin episodes tend to be those set in Europe, but the ship ones are also smart thinking.

    The Unicorn, the model of it and these two guys who randomly demand to buy the model ship off Tintin, it was all shockingly suspenseful. At least Captain Haddock and the Thompsons finally got a chance to meet each other and get to know one another. The "Red Rackham's" treasure is what everyone is looking for, the treasure. But these two villains shoot one of the good ones and kidnap Tintin, they take him to Marlinspike hall. Wow, this episode was indeed the first time Marlinspike is shown, the mansion where Tintin and Captain live in the later adventures of Tintin.

    Overall, a very well done episode that has not yet finished. This continues on to the next book: "Red Rackham's Treasure" where the fate of the treasure will be uncovered. So, a very great episode that all fans cannot forget because of the instensity and the excitement. For no particular reason, this book seemed to stand out to fans more than others. But yeah, very hilarious, humorous and another highly addictive adventure.moreless

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    • Thomson: Here's the victim!
      Thompson: To be precise, the victim is here.
      Thomson: And where there's a victim, there's usually a culprit. And usually quite close.
      Thomson and Thompson: Aha! (Both point to Captain Haddock)
      Captain Haddock: What! Why you miserable earthworms! Sea gherkins! Black beetles! Sea lice! Accuse me, would you?! Crab apples!
      Tintin: No, Captain! Stop!
      Captain Haddock: Ectomorphs!

    • (After accusing the Captain of stealing Tintin's model ship)
      Thomson: Calm yourself, Captain!
      Thompson: It was only an experiment.
      Captain Haddock: What did you say? You goose cap!
      Thomson: Well... Ah... you see, Captain. If you were the culprit, then obviously you'd be worried.
      Thomson: Obviously.
      Thompson: Therefore, you must be innocent.
      Thomson: Quite right! Indeed! No hard feelings!
      Captain Haddock: Get out of my sight, you miserable nappy!

    • Tintin: Can you tell us what happened, Mr. Sakharine?
      Mr. Sakharine: A man came by with some antique engravings, I was examining them when something covered my nose. I don't remember any more.
      Tintin: Chloroform!

    • Tintin: Obviously hat man stole the parchment, detectives. I'll show you mine so you know what to look for. My wallet's gone!
      Captain Haddock: Gone? What do you mean, gone?! That's my treasure we are talking about!
      Thompson: Someone must have stolen it! One can't be too careful with that pickpocket around.
      Thomson: Take a tip from us. Try to steal my wallet.
      (Tintin gives him a sceptical look)
      Thomson: Go ahead! Try!
      (Tintin tries to steal the wallet but an elastic band prevents him from ding it successfully)
      Thomson: There you go! Simple but effective!

    • Tintin: Congratulations detectives on solving our case so quickly!
      Thompson: Ah, well, not quite.
      Thomson: You see we caught the thief's coat but the thief wasn't in it.

    • Barnaby: Mr Tintin? My name is Barnaby. I must talk with you. But we're not safe here.
      Tintin: Let's go inside. After you!
      (A car approaches menacingly)
      Tintin: Get down!
      (Fire emerges from the car and Barnaby is shot)
      Captain Haddock: Bandits! Scoundrels! Gangsters!
      Tintin: Someone call an ambulance!
      Barnaby: Careful! They'll kill you too!
      Tintin: Who?! Who did this?!
      (Points to some birds)
      Tintin: Sparrows?!

    • Tintin: (Coming around and realizing he's being kept captive) What happened?! Where am I! What have I got myself in to now!

    • Tintin: What do you want?
      Mr. Bird: I want my parchments back!
      Tintin: Parchments? But l only have one parchment.
      Mr. Bird: Correction, you have none. You see, I took the liberty of removing your wallet earlier.
      Tintin: Thief! lt's mine! Give it back!
      Mr. Bird: I'm not playing games, Tintin! I want the other two parchments!
      Tintin: But I'm telling you I don't know where they are!
      Mr. Bird: You've got two hours! Think it over! If you're smart you'll have some answers.

    • Tintin: Wow, look at this. I think I've just discovered a hidden storage room!

    • Tintin: (Remembering Barnaby's last gesture) Mr. M. and G. Bird. Birds! Sparrows! Now it makes sense!

    • Captain Haddock: Tintin! Blistering barnacles! Those two scurvy landlubbers! I'll have them flayed! I'll skin them alive! I'll...
      Tintin: Captain! I'm fine! Thanks to Snowy.

    • Nestor: I'm telling you I'm innocent! He's the guilty party!
      Captain Haddock: Tell it to the judge, you jellyfish swine!
      Mr. Bird: It's okay, Captain. He's telling the truth.

    • Thomson: We are here to inform you that you're under arrest. Mr Barnaby survived your shooting and he's given us a complete statement.
      Mr. G. Bird: Barnaby's alive?

    • Mr. G. Bird: It started when we found a model of the Unicorn.
      Max Bird: Shut up!
      Captain Haddock: No, you shut up!
      Tintin: And then you found the hidden parchment?
      Mr. G. Bird: Yes. We realized it was part of a treasure map but we needed the other two parts. That's why we hired Barnaby.
      Tintin: To find the other ships, mine and Mr Sakharine's.

    • Mr. G. Bird: Give me my wallet back, Tintin.
      Tintin: But l didn't steal your wallet! (Thinks for some seconds) The pickpocket!
      Thomson: We can help you with that.
      Bird brothers: (Amazed) You can?!

    • Thompson: Well, obviously you made a mistake, Thomson.
      Thomson: No. Obviously you did a made a mistake, Thompson.
      Tintin: Mr. Sylk made the mistake, gentlemen. He has an unusual hobbie. Ask him to show you his wallet collection.

    • Tintin: For it's from the light that light will dawn!
      (Tintin combines the three parchments close to a table lamp)
      Captain Haddock: It's latitude and longitude! Ten thousand typhoons!
      Tintin: It's where the Unicorn sank!
      Captain Haddock: This means... we're going to be rich!
      Both: (Dancing) Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Red Rackham's treasure, here we come!

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