The Adventures of TinTin

Season 3 Episode 13

Tintin in America

Aired Unknown Jun 06, 1993 on

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  • The first adventure of Tintin on the DVD, the third in total, and probably the one with the most surprises, and the high suspense of course, in regards to the earlier episodes

    I absolutely loved this episode as there was excitement and entertainment everywhere Tintin turned. He's a young reporter who visited Chicago but he's also a main target, all because he's a hero! The thugs were very well done, and compared to the book, this was better. The action of it started straight away and of course; Tintin may go down at some times, but he's never out. "Tintin strikes back!", that's what I like to say.

    They all ganged up, Tintin played pranks himself, he was locked in a taxi, etc. It was really great. Too bad this show isn't so famous because it derserves to be.
    I'm also sad that Herge is actually dead... He was in the middle of doing the final book: "Tintin and the alph art" when he died. Overall, Tintin In America was a very entertaining, and very great episode. Better than I thought it would be anyway!