The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok

(ended 1958)


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  • A classic Kiddie western, with lovable old character actor Andy Devine scene stealing every shot. Good clean fun.

    The show has a very simple premise, a U.S. Marshall, Wild Bill Hickock(Guy Madison) and his deputy Jingles (Andy Devine) go around to Frontier towns and set things right that are going wrong. The larger than life characters (especially in Devine's case) are hard to take too seriously, Madison is decked out in a stereotypical Hollywood cowboy tight leather shirt with a fringe, Devine is an unlikely action cohort, having about 30 years and 500 pounds on Guy. Nevertheless, Jingles is pretty much the real star, and his superstitous, easily conned character is for intended audience identification, and natural favorite. Madison has virtually no descernable personality other than he's a dedicated hero with unbeatable fighting and shooting skills.
    The universe they inhabit over the seven years the show lasted is always the same sets over and over, including some of the same props. (A "Winchester" wall sign seems to follow them through various indoor sets.)
    The background and theme music are from a stock that must have been recorded in the earliest days of talkies for use in B-grade oaters at b-grade studios, lending a sort of continuity with the cowboy films of the 30's and 40's and the new phenomena of TV westerns, which, for a while, shared time on the small screen, and finally replaced them.