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Thursday 9:30 PM on The Nine Network Premiered Mar 24, 1994 In Season


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  • go eagles

    i gota say love footy and i do love watching the footy show but atm my other footy show still out beats the afl one as they show more etc so if the afl footy show brings more and even show more players frome all the teams it be great for real love yas
  • Sometimes it's okay, sometimes it not.

    I don't know whether to like this show or not. When The Footy Show is without Sam Newman it is real enjoyable viewing but when he's on it's not. As a female I'm still angry at Sam Newman for the Caroline Wilson stunt. Even though Sam said sorry eventually for what happened I still don't believe him. Then later in August "Sam strikes again" this time he made a comment about a Tasmanian MP which I won't go into. Anyway under Eddie McGuire as host, The Footy Show lived up to its standards and when Eddie left, the show was never the same. Having two hosts, Garry Lyon and James Brayshaw, I mean you don't need to both of them. Just get Garry to do it. James Brayshaw has no footy experience as he was a state cricketer, but Garry has. It was also the right decision to get rid of Trevor Marmalade. He doesn't get to say anything now. Really, I'll be happy if Sam Newman goes next. For good. The Footy Show, you have some serious thinking to do. Sam Newman- grow up.
  • The start of a new season... I still think it's Changed for the worst....

    So the boys are back again, and this Season without the television rights and of course as well expected they dished it out to channel Seven from how much they spent on buying it, too having good old Maco and Sandy running the calls,We can see that this running joke won't be going quietly in the night. But what i found kind of surprising was by how much they geed up there new best friend, good-old foxtel. Now we all know that nine and foxtel have been in bed with each other for a while but i think you'll see a lot more of the boys here on nine this year as they look at tyring to take out the bidding war together in five years time ...

    A big subject this week was drugs in football, and how badly the Eagles have been effected with that and other bad behaviour the past months by there key players, which was said if continued we'll be no longer with the club. Also Chris Judd has told the club that he will not be looking at new contracts until this season has ended, this has put fear in to the west-coast club as he is remarked as the best player in the comp. And any club would throw as much money at him as they can....

    in posting i must say i still think the footy show has kept on a steady downhill slant
  • It's actually funny.

    I know over the years The Footy Show has been under a lot of many changes.It's still funny without Eddie McGuire [Because Ed was appointed CEO of Channel 9 because Kerry Packer who died].Now with Garry Lyon and James Brayshaw[J.B] hosting The Footy Show there should just be one but for now they are still good.
  • Entertaining, but could be a lot better.

    I absolutely love just about anything that has to do with AFL, but unfortuantly I can't say that I "Love" this show.

    I watch it every week, and yes it's an entertaining couple of hours, but there are a few things that could be made better.

    First of all, I think channel 9 need to wake up and realise that there are more than just the 10 or so players who seem to be on the panel on a rotational basis. I'm talking about the likes of Buckley, Fevola, Hird, Richo, Akermanis and a few others who are on the panel every third week. There needs to be more variety.

    Secondly, Bullet and Gun needs to go. The AFL Footy Show is the only sports show I know of who have a segment like this every week, and after you see it, you'll know why they're the only one. It's rubbish. Rarely is it funny, and I can honestly say the only "decent" part about it is the perv on Kathy Lloyd :).

    The rest of the Panel as such on this show can be very entertaining. Eddie seems to be a bit of a dead horse up there, but Sam and Trev will keep you laughing for hours.

    When the show returns in the 2006 season, I hope some changes have been made, and be it for better or worse, we'll just have to wait and see.
  • I love my footy, but this show is ridiculous!

    OK as a footy fanatic I should love a show thats entirely devoted to footy right?

    Well yeah....but there isn't as much unbiased football talk on The Footy Show.

    First of all you have Eddie McGuire as the host so you can expect a fair chunk of each episode dedicated to Collingwood, with someone like Nathan Buckley on the show every second week!

    Then you have Sam Newman who is probably the sorriest excuse for a human being I have ever seen.

    Then there are these pathetic segments where regular members of the show take part in a pathetic excuse for a soapie. (Yes Soapies can be even more pathetic!!!)

    This show was one simple straight down the line talking about footy. Now the footy takes a backseat to the stupid antics on it!

    Waste of Time!
  • The Footy Show has changed a lot in recent years. Originally it was dominated by the news and discussion, and all the random skits and stuffing around. While that still happens today, there are other, not-so-great things that are also dominating the show.

    The Footy Show has changed a lot in recent years. You can see this if you watch "The First Decade" DVD that was released a couple of years ago. In its earlier years, the show was dominated by the news and discussion, as well as all the random skits and stuffing around. While that still happens today, there are other things that are also dominating the show and are detracting from the content.

    I am of course talking about the moneymakers. I don’t mind the small ones, like Almost Football Legends, which encourages the viewer to send in a home video of an impressive (or simply amusing) moment from a community/suburban football match. I also didn’t mind last year’s “Mars-termind” competition, in on the popularity of Millionaire by having Eddie ask a contestant 20 difficult questions about their favourite team and footy in general. That was interesting to watch because it was directly related to football and meshed well with the content of the program.

    What I am disliking the most at the moment is the “Screamers” segment. This is basically Idol with footballers. Actually, to be accurate, it doesn’t have to even be footballers who take part in this. On some occasions it’s been their girlfriends who took part. Each week they have two “AFL Personalities” perform a musical act, and the viewer votes via SMS for which one they want to see advance in the tournament-style competition.

    What I hate is not only does this competition have nothing to do with football, but it occupies a good 7 minutes of the program that could (and should) be devoted to footy – be it another interview, more match/news discussion, or something else. I personally treat this whole segment as an extended ad break – when Eddie throws to the commercial and announces that Screamers is up next, I know that I can go off and do something else for 15 minutes, then come back in time for the football portion of the program.

    The whole purpose of this review is basically just to rant about that, but it frustrates me because I can’t imagine there being a single viewer who wouldn’t prefer more football-related content in the place of this segment. It adds nothing to the show, and only seems to serve as a quick way to make some more money for the show by promoting another sponsor and getting people to make all those 55 cent SMS votes. I wouldn’t be surprised if this segment actually drives viewers away – I for one do come back and continue watching the episode once it’s over, but others may not be so kind.

    I suppose we can be thankful that this competition is almost over (I think they’ve just had the semi finals), but I hesitantly wonder what great new concept that they are going to replace it with next year.

    Thanks for reading my rant.

    -- Will732, The Footy Show editor