The AFL Footy Show

Thursday 9:30 PM on The Nine Network Premiered Mar 24, 1994 In Season


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  • I love my footy, but this show is ridiculous!

    OK as a footy fanatic I should love a show thats entirely devoted to footy right?

    Well yeah....but there isn't as much unbiased football talk on The Footy Show.

    First of all you have Eddie McGuire as the host so you can expect a fair chunk of each episode dedicated to Collingwood, with someone like Nathan Buckley on the show every second week!

    Then you have Sam Newman who is probably the sorriest excuse for a human being I have ever seen.

    Then there are these pathetic segments where regular members of the show take part in a pathetic excuse for a soapie. (Yes Soapies can be even more pathetic!!!)

    This show was one simple straight down the line talking about footy. Now the footy takes a backseat to the stupid antics on it!

    Waste of Time!