The Agency (2001)

Season 2 Episode 1

French Kiss

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2002 on CBS
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French Kiss
Terri Lowell, Jackson Haisley, Robert Quinn, and the new operative A.B. Stiles travel to Nice in search of Matt Callan's killer. While there, Quinn runs into some trouble with the local police that interferes with the mission.

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  • Welcome Jason O'Mara!!!!!

    I liked this show in the first season. I thought it was good, but when I watched this episode and saw Jason I was hooked. I loved the way Jason and Paige played off of each other.

    The show was lacking a hero and A. B. Stiles definitely filled the void.

    The episode had some humor in the beginning the whole scene in the mailbox store was hysterical, and of course Joshua's comments in the meeting.

    I loved Terri and Stiles first meeting in the gym, it really set up the tension between them.

    The whole Quinn subplot when he got arrested was interesting.

    I was shocked but enjoyed the ending of the episode, Terri and Stiles sleeping together, I really didn't expect that to happen so soon. I wasn't surprised that there would be a romance blooming but this was unexpected.

    Overall a great episode.moreless

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    • Gage: How do you like working for the CIA?
      Avery Pohl: Funny, I thought I was working for the FBI.
      Gage: I guess we still have a few details to work out.

    • (between kisses)
      Terri: You tell a solitary person about this, I'll kill you with my bare hands. And I can.
      Stiles: Guess I'll keep my mouth shut.
      Terri: You can try.

    • Terri: Is it always like this?
      Stiles: Yeah. Every time I bomb my way into a prison shower is sort of like this.

    • (after the French police have released Terri and Stiles)
      Jackson: Glad you're out.
      Stiles: We weren't up to their standards.

    • Quinn: (when asked why he ignored previous requests for his testimony) I didn't ignore them. I chose not to respond.

    • (discussing capturing Polvon)

      Turnbull:Can I release it?

      Reese:No. The French police took him away.

      Gage:They were after him too?

      Reese:No, they were after Quinn. (to Turnbull)No, you can't release that either.

    • Reese: We got Polvon.

      Gage: Well done.

      Turnbull: Can I release it?

      Reese: No. The French police took him away.

      Gage: They were after him too?

      Reese:No, they were after Quinn. (to Turnbull) No, you can't release that either.

    • (Discussing Terri and Matt's relationship)

      Stiles: Were you sleeping with Callan when he got killed?

      Terri:What the hell kind of question is that?

      Stiles: When people get personally involved, it can affect their judgment. I just need to know what the stakes are.

    • QuinnMr. Haisley, you have always wanted to work in the field. I've given you that opportunity. Don't muck it up.

      Lex: Muck is such a fun word.

    • Turnbull: Incident Response Team. I agree Super Squadron is ridiculous, but IRT, it's hot.

      Resse:So is the subway line in New York.

    • Turnbull: Incident Response Team. I agree Super Squadron is ridiculous, but IRT, it's hot.

      Resse:So is the subway line in New York.

    • Turnbull: Your boss at the FBI had a press conference announcing that he was creating a team.

      Pohl: That was a Super Squadron.

      Gage: Sounds like a TV show.

    • (When Terri realizes Lex, Quinn and Haisley are watching her in a bikini on the boat)

      Terri: Get Back to work boys.

    • (Talking about who's going on the mission)

      Reese: Haisley, Terri Lowell, Stiles and Lex from Information Technology.

      Gage: Lex who?

      Reese: I don't know Sir. I just know him as Lex.

    • Terri: So I'm partnering with an Irish guy going undercover in France.

      Stiles: Right.

      Terri: And you were worried about me?

    • Affte Quinn tells everyone about his idea for an incident response team Pohl: And the FBI would do what? Pack your lunch?

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    • Quinn tells Lex not to "muck" up his chances of working in the field. Richard Speight Jr. played Warren "Skip" Muck on Band of Brothers.