The Agency (2001) - Season 1

CBS (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Finale
    Episode 22
    When a CIA agent posing as a diplomat is taken hostage in Uzbekistan, Gage sends Matt and Terri to save him. Lisa predicts another terrorist attack will strike D.C., which raises concerns among her co-workers. Jackson's romance disintegrates when his girlfriend believes he's secretly working against the CIA.
  • Doublecrossover
    Episode 21
    In a two-part crossover episode with The District, a CIA agent is murdered in Washington and the CIA is forced to join with the police force to find the killer. Chief Mannion visited the CIA headquarters to meet with Gage and Quinn to learn what they might be withholding. While Matt and Haisley work with Mannion's team, Det. Page and Det. Debreno attempt to track down the men responsible.moreless
  • The Understudy
    The Understudy
    Episode 20
    Jackson assumes the identity of an arms dealer so he can try to sell weapons to the Russian mob, and is taken hostage by the mobsters. As the CIA tries to decide how to handle the situation, he develops an odd relationship with his captor and his son. Meanwhile, Lisa Fabrizzi returns from a leave of absence and brings with her some surprising news.moreless
  • The Peacemakers
    The Peacemakers
    Episode 19
    The chief intelligence officers from India and Pakistan meet with Gage at the Agency's headquarters to head off a nuclear war. Meanwhile, Carl's son visits him and gives his father some disturbing news.
  • The Greater Good
    The Greater Good
    Episode 18
    The Agency learns about a chemical weapons plant in the Sudan that must be bombed, although it will put 150 innocent enslaved workers in danger. Jackson devises a plan to save them. Meanwhile, the CIA prepares a memorial service to honor an agent, but Quinn tries to turn it into a media event. Carl and Tom step in to honor the family's request for a quiet tribute.moreless
  • Moo
    Episode 17
    A former corporal who served under Gage in Vietnam accuses him of committing a war crime that involved murdering civilians. Meanwhile, Matt and Jackson receive word that a visiting Eastern European dictator is near death and they enlist a prostitute to help determine how ill he really is. At the same time, Joshua must deal with a museum curator when he accidentally destroys a cow costume that's part of an upcoming exhibit.moreless
  • The Plague Year
    The Plague Year
    Episode 16
    The CIA tracks an Algerian suicide bomber as he enters the U.S., but the agents do not realize he is infected with smallpox until he is taken into custody. When they learn his mission is to infect the Agency first, the agents race to ensure the virus is contained before more people are infected.moreless
  • Sleeping Dogs Lie
    Sleeping Dogs Lie
    Episode 15
    On his first day as the new Director of the CIA, former Senator Tom Gage is immediately confronted with a high-profile crisis when the Agency is linked to the death of a young Vietnamese man in Washington D.C. As Tom works with Jackson and Carl to learn how the CIA was involved, he discovers that when Robert was acting as the director of the CIA, his secret negotiations with a Middle Eastern prince were directly responsible for the Vietnamese man's murder. Tom must find a way to hide the Agency's involvement without implicating an innocent man for the crime. Meanwhile, Terri runs into a photographer whom she realizes is linked to a radical pro-life group that has bombed abortion clinics.moreless
  • The Gauntlet
    The Gauntlet
    Episode 14
    Matt and Terri go to Russia to gather information about an arms shipment to Iraq. When Terri discovers Matt is in danger, she blows her cover to save him and the mission, and winds up a prisoner herself. Senator Tom Gage joins the agency as the new director.
  • The Golden Hour
    The Golden Hour
    Episode 13
    An assassination attempt on Lisa strikes Matt instead and leaves him hospitalized and fighting for his life. While Robert tries to hide the events from the press, Jackson is forced to work with the chief of counterintelligence to determine who ordered the attack on Lisa and how her position at the CIA was uncovered. Eventually, Lex admits to indirectly blowing Lisa's cover to the assassin and, in the process, unknowingly giving him access to information on Lisa. However, Lex soon redeems himself by leading Robert and Jackson to the terrorist organization behind the shooting. As Matt hangs on to his life by a thread, Lisa contemplates a leave of absence from the CIA.moreless
  • The Enemy Within
    The Enemy Within
    Episode 12
    After the daughter of the United States Ambassador to Greece is kidnapped by terrorists, Matt and Jackson attempt to track her down. Following the abduction, the CIA reveals to the ambassador that the young woman has actually been working undercover for them for several years. Matt and Jackson think they have successfully rescued her, but then realize they have an imposter and must save the real girl before she is murdered. Meanwhile, Robert uses Lisa to get important information from Patrice, which he turns against her.moreless
  • Son Set
    Son Set
    Episode 11
    After the young son of a British Intelligence officer is kidnapped and the man fails to report him missing, the CIA and British Intelligence's investigation takes an unusual turn. They learn the man didn't report his child missing because the kidnappers are Iraqis and he has arranged to trade plans for an Allied invasion of Iraq in exchange for his son's return. Matt and Carl join the investigators in London to ensure that the officer's plan is derailed without losing the boy in the process. Meanwhile, Robert Quinn, who is temporarily replacing Director Pierce, starts implementing changes.moreless
  • Deadline
    Episode 10
    A ambitious journalist plans to run a career-making story about one of the Agency's great Cold War successes, which will expose and therefore cost the life of a now retired Russian general who risked his life to help Director Pierce and the CIA. The journalist refuses to kill the story, and Director Pierce and his team must do everything they can to protect the Russian, even if it means putting another life in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Terri's estranged husband begins divorce proceedings, and Matt pushes Jackson for answers about his brother's mysterious death.moreless
  • Rules Of The Game
    Rules Of The Game
    Episode 9
    When the National Security Agency (NSA) learns of a plot to assassinate the King of Saudi Arabia, Matt and Lisa help track down those involved only to discover that there is a larger terrorist plot in the works. Soon after Matt and Lisa catch the would-be assassins, Israeli intelligence informs the CIA that one of the incarcerated terrorists is their own agent on an undercover mission and requests his safe return. Once Matt arranges this, the Agency discovers that Israeli intelligence has deceived them and the man they released is a link to a terrorist they had been pursuing for years.moreless
  • Nocturne
    Episode 8
    The CIA conducts an internal investigation when it suspects Jackson of leaking sensitive information. In order to test Jackson's loyalty to the CIA, Matt and Carl secretly recruit the Persian cellist with whom he is romantically involved to gain information about a terrorist threat at the Yemeni embassy. Meanwhile, Terri must forge a 50-year-old document implicating the CIA in illegal activity involving the Dalai Lama that would prove calamitous for present-day Tibet should it fall into Chinese possession.moreless
  • Closure
    Episode 7
    In an effort to learn the truth about his brother's mysterious death, Matt begins piecing together clues and finally forces his superiors to tell him the truth. As Matt begins to gather information about his brother Eric's final mission abroad, he poses painful questions about the mysterious death to his parents and finally forces Jackson, Carl and Director Pierce to explain the circumstances so he can get Eric's body back for a proper burial. Meanwhile, Jackson, Terri and Joshua are working to entrap an Indian Intelligence Bureau double-agent working for his own country against the CIA to acquire a submarine capable of launching nuclear weapons.moreless
  • A Slight Case of Anthrax
    A terrorist uses anthrax as a biological weapon to murder two Belgian kennel owners and more than 20 dogs, which leads Matt to suspect the killer will strike again on a larger scale.
  • Pilot
    Episode 5
    When an agent dies in the line of duty, the CIA learns of an impending terrorist attack somewhere in Europe. Matt tries to convince a Syrian diplomat to divulge information about the location of the attack, but he'll only cooperate if his family is brought safely to the U.S.
  • In Our Own Backyard
    The CIA and the FBI learn a New Jersey man who was murdered was a former Russian spy with a nuclear bomb hidden underground in his backyard for more than a decade. Also, Terri's ex husband hires a detective to gather information on her for their divorce.
  • The Year Of Lying Dangerously
    The local governor plans a political coup after some American miners are taken hostage in Indonesia.
  • God's Work
    God's Work
    Episode 2
    When the CIA misidentifies a missionary plane in Colombian drug-trafficking airspace and the Colombians shoot it down, Director Pierce must try to clean up the mess, while the former CIA director tempts Carl to betray Pierce. Meanwhile, Matt and Lisa must contend with a dead body when a foreign agent dies while attempting to sell the CIA classified information.moreless
  • Viva Fidel!
    Viva Fidel!
    Episode 1
    After unearthing a secret plot by Castro's own men to assassinate him, the agents rush to thwart the plan in order to prevent the U.S. from being framed for his murder.