The All-New SuperFriends Hour

Season 1 Episode 27

Planet of the Neanderthals

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 22, 1977 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Planet of the Neanderthals
An evil scientist known as Barko de-evolves Earth back to a prehistoric planet, which will remain so unless the SuperFriends can stop him.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (7)

      • Goof: When the SuperFriends unite after the Earth has changed into a prehistoric planet, Superman's chest logo is reversed and inverted (a backward yellow "S" inside a red shield) upon landing.

      • Goof: When the SuperFriends begin their first quest for Barko, it seems Batman is saying "We'll split up and search for him", but he's speaking with Superman's voice.

      • Goof: After Neanderthals capture Batman, Robin, and the Wonder Twins in a net, a shot of Jayna shows her purple belt colored yellow in a failed effort to reach Zan to activate their powers.

      • Goof: When the Wonder Twins activate their powers, Jayna calls out to change into an elephant. But she looks more like a wooly mammoth.

      • Goof: Robin's cape is briefly missing when he's about to shoot a pebble to activate the signaler on Batman's utility belt.

      • Goofs: When the SuperFriends reunite as they begin their plan to build another time machine, the stars of Wonder Woman's trunks are initially missing. Later, when she uses her magic lasso to subdue the caveman guarding Batman and Robin, the stars are colored gold instead of white.

      • Goof: When the Wonder Twins activate their powers to stop Barko and the Neanderthals from raiding the Hall of Justice, they're first seen with their gloves off. But in the closeup shot, their gloves are on.

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Barko: And so, by virtue of my own design, I am ruler of the world! (The Neanderthals cheer)
        Robin: (Whispering) I think Barko is wacko!
        Batman: (Yelling) You'll never get away with this, Barko! The SuperFriends will stop you!
        Barko: If the SuperFriends dare to go near my time tunnel, which is hidden beneath this fortress, it will automatically self-destruct. And as for you, Batman and Robin, you are about to take a short trip--straight down! (Pulls a cord and the Dynamic Duo fall down a trap door into a cage)

    • NOTES (4)

      • This episode marks the first appearance of the BatRocket. Here, the batwing design is colored gray. In later SuperFriends series, the color is black.

      • Batman and Robin are actually wearing spacesuits in this episode. In subsequent episodes of this and later SuperFriends series, they go out into space with little more than oxygen helmets.

      • The villain in this half-hour segment was voiced by Mike Road, probably most famous for being the voice of both Roger "Race" Bannon in the original Jonny Quest series and Zandor, leader of the extra-terrestrial Herculoids in the same-titled series which first aired in 1967.

      • Jayna's animal forms in this episode: An Elephant (more resembling a Wooly Mammoth), and Brontosaurus.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • The title of this episode is a take on the French novel and eventual U.S. movie series Planet of the Apes.

      • The time tunnel machine used in this episode looks similar to the same named technology used in the late 1960's TV series The Time Tunnel, which starred James Darren and Robert Colbert as the time travellers lost in time as a result of using the experimental machine.