The All-New SuperFriends Hour

ABC (ended 1978)





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  • I don't need Superfriends to be happy!

    While I was growing up in the 1970's the only source of amination (99%) of the time is Saturday Mornign where the amination is prettyt terrible. Take "The All-New superfriends Hour." I saw the old Superfriends hour and this new stuff is just as bad as the old. Take the wonder Twins. I can put up with Donny and Marie, but I can't put up with those two. The other superheroes are ok. it's just that the peole at Hanna-Barbara made those characters preety lame. I read DC comics in the 1970's and that show may be one reason why I nearly quit the comics.
  • The Wonder Twins were okay. I actually thought this show was pretty good, but what made it mediokre is the amazingly dumb-talking monkey, Gleek (the Lame).

    These SuperFriends show made these superheroes even better in the earlier times. It crashed and burned when Gleek appeared. I'd have to say, I don't mind the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, but Gleek made this show rotten to the core. He attempted at being funny, but failed miserably, with his dumbness. You can watch this show if you want, but beware of the GLEEK MONSTER from la-la land.