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  • Brilliant!

    Totally captivating, quirkily plausible blend of Norse mythology and humanist psychology--and, if you pay attention, a keen and sympathetic analysis of modern New Zealand society. These are gods and goddesses--demi-gods, giants, dwarves, and handmaidens--that an atheist can believe in.
  • yeah for Netflix

    I watch the final season (and really liked it more than I thought I would since I wasn't a big fan of the second). It was too bad the actress who played Gaia couldn't come back. I know in the story it was literally hours later and as far as we know she was in London but a quick call to Axl as he was approaching the house that she was on her way home would have made his story perfect.

    But I suppose this was everyone who watched this almost two years ago in New Zealand was asking but what did Colin through on the spot of the ceremony? I almost think he didn't really know either and then the show didn't know if they were coming back but pretty sure they were done. Like Hart of Dixie on Friday. The Cw hasn't said but the show saw the writing. But it would be like Loki that if they wanted to ever do a TV movie Martin in Asgard discovers a hole left behind and returns for help that Mike and Hannah alone can't provide.
  • Season 3?

    Either I didn't watch SyFy enough for the last few years while they put on nothing but bad movies and WWE, of they skipped a few seasons.

    I saw the commercials for this and it looks like fun, as long as they don't get into sword fights with girls with skinny arms.
  • The Almighty End

    I'm very happy that I had the chance to discover this serie. It was fun and it ended in a great way, touching and satisfying. I will miss that gang
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