The Alvin Show

CBS (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Eagle in Love
      Eagle in Love
      Episode 22

      Stanley falls in love with a statue of an eagle thinking it is real. He wants to impress it and spots a necklace laying on the ground, swoops down and snatches it up. Soon the media is telling of the theft of a $100,000 necklace and a witness states that it was an eagle that had taken it. A policeman shows up a the Seville's home asking if they still had Stanley but was told the eagle hasn't been there for months. When the chipmunks overhear the policeman they go look for Stanley only to find him giving the statue another gift. Seeing the necklace on the statue the boys take Stanley to the police department to get things cleared up.

      Sing a Goofy Song: Although the other shoppers at the supermarket are enjoying the antics of Dave and the chipmunks during their musical number the manager is not happy and gives them the boot.

      Clyde Crashcup invents Do-It-Yourself:

      Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: The chipmunks start the song beatnik style and Dave stops them and asks what they think they're doing. The chipmunks tell him the original song is stale and they want to make it more contemporary.

    • Alvin's Cruise
      Alvin's Cruise
      Episode 15

      After an exhaustive tour Dave take the chipmunks on a cruise so they can all relax. When the ship's social director spots them on the passenger list he spends most of his time chasing down Alvin to get him to sing.

      Alvin's Harmonica: After hearing Alvin snore through his harmonica and removing it from his mouth Dave falls asleep in a chair and dreams of them performing a song with Alvin interrupting with his harmonica.

      Clyde Crashcup invents the Telephone:

      If You Love Me (Alouette): The chipmunks build a fort and play soldier when the enemy, Dave, walks by loaded down with recording tape.

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