The Amanda Show

Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 16

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Aug 12, 2000 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Episode 16
Enter the competition in The Girls Room...join the search for a lost paper clip... dive into Amanda's Jacuzzi with Babe Ruth...Tony Pajamas babysits...take time out for a Hilbilly Moment... and Kyle talks about his encounter with a spider in Totally Kyle.

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  • my name is hudson

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  • tony pajamas and paulie, the search for a lost paper clip, totally kyle, the girl's room, hillbilly moment

    this ep is definitely one of my favorites out of the 8 full eps ive seen..ok first of all tony pajamas was so funny w/ the stories not fit for a kid that he tells anyways..i loved so cracked me up..the paper clip part was cute w/ the nun and everything..the girls room was another awesome installment in that skit..i love it so much...hillbilly moment great no matter my fav and most memorable part of the whole ep was totally kyle..this has 2 be my fav totally kyle skit..the whole thing w/ the spider..oh my gosh i could not stop laughing and i tried to like say it w/ him after watching it like 5 times and i could not help but crack up..i cant do it w/ a straight face..what made it even more enjoyable is that he lost it and laughed at himself lolmoreless
Drake Bell

Drake Bell

Actor / Comedian

Nancy Sullivan

Nancy Sullivan

Actress / Comedian

Josh Peck

Josh Peck


Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes

Herself/Various/Penelope Taynt

Camryn Walling

Camryn Walling

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • On The Amanda Show The Girls' Room Volume 2 DVD, the bonus features include bloopers which include bloopers from the Tony Pajamas skit where Drake and Josh keep messing up and laughing at each other.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Penelope: Oh, I caught Amanda's cold. Amanda, your sweet virus runs through me.

    • Drake: Well, we better get ready. The show's about to start. Let's get into makeup.
      Amanda: Yeah, let's hit it!

    • Amanda: Sorry.
      Drake: It's alright. I'm fine with mucus.
      Penelope: Oh, Amanda has mucus.

    • Penelope: Amanda has a cold. Please let her be alright to do the show. Please, oh, please.

    • Amanda: Hey, I found your paper clip.
      Guy: I'll give you twenty bucks for it.
      Amanda: Alright...stick around, we'll be back in a secong to do stuff.

    • Amanda: Oh, man. I don't have a shovel.
      (Nun pops in and hands Amanda a shovel)

    • Amanda: Excuse me, sister. Do you have a metal detector on you?
      Nun: Oh, no.
      (Boy gives nun a mean look)
      Nun: Oh, yes.

    • Boy: I want my paper clip!
      Amanda: I understand!

    • Amber: Ok, well, today is a very exciting day on The Girl's Room because we might add a new girl today.

    • Amanda: I'm Amanda and welcome to my jacuzzi. Today, my special guest is Babe Ruth.

    • Tony: Hey, hey! What's with all the commotion?
      Girl: You're not Jessica. Where's Jessica?
      Tony: Jessica had to uh leave.
      Girl: Then, who are you?
      Tony: Name's Tony Pajamas. What's the problem, pigtails?

    • Announcer: From his garage, it's Totally, Kyle.
      Kyle: Um, one time, I was lying in my bed looking at you know nothing and there was this spider hanging above my head..and I was all oo, spider! so I blew on it (Kyle blows) and then the spider like fell..on my face..and I'm all Ah! Spider! and the spider was all Ah, Kyle! and I was all Ah, spider! and then like (Kyle sighs) spider!
      Announcer: That was Totally, Kyle!
      Kyle: Totally!

    • Debbie: 10!
      Amber: 10?
      Debbie: I like eggs!

    • Debbie: (Looking at mirror) Hey! That girl looks just like me!
      Amber: Debbie, that is you. That's your reflection.
      Debbie: I like eggs!

    • Paulie: Tell her the story of how you took care of that librarian.
      Tony: Oh, yea. So, I'm in the library, right? and this librarian is shushing me. Shush, shush, shush. I became aggravated.
      Paulie: It was irritating, too.
      Tony: So, I...
      Paulie: He stuffed the librarian in my lunch box.
      Tony: Hey, I'm telling the story here.
      Girl: You can't fit a lady in a lunch box.
      Tony: I took the sandwich out.
      Paulie: Hey, what ever happened to that sandwich.
      (Tony Pajamas gives a smack in the head)
      Paulie: What'd ya do that for?
      Tony: For being an idiot!
      Girl: Don't you know any nice stories? Like about unicorns and puppets and rainbows.
      Tony: Unicorns and puppets? Uh, let me see. Alright, Once upon a time there was this unicorn, right? and he owed a puppet a hundred dollars. The unicorn didn't have the money so the puppet pushed him out the window.
      Girl: That's the story?
      Tony: Oh, and there was a rainbow. Da end!
      Paulie: I love that story!

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode was included in the DVD The Girls' Room Volume 2.

    • Skits in this episode:
      * The Girls Room
      * Amanda's Jacuzzi
      * Tony Pajama's
      * Hillbilly Moment
      * Totally Kyle
      * Mr. Oldman

    • Tony Pajamas stars in his first sketch in this episode (His first appearance was on a game show). This is the first episode featuring the sketch, Amanda's Jacuzzi. And this is the first appearance of Paulie, Tony Pajamas' sidekick.