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  • Awesome

    Loved this show

  • One of the best!

    It's stupid that people hate this for stereotypes, but this is one of the funniest shows i seen in a long time. Some review site gave this two stars for "playground talk", but i seen worse. This should be the best show Dan Schiender has ever produced.
  • Its funny, but too repetative

    I liked some of the first episodes, but by the time season 2 began, I realized that all the episodes were being used over and over again. They kept doing the Girls Room, Totally Kyle, Courtney and Penelope skits in every episode and rarely bothered trying to do anything new. I think the shows writers should have tested more new idea`s. Plus, while the web skits were fun back then, the website kind of looks pathetic by todays standards. Conclusion: Show was ok to watch but needed more originality and less repeats to do better.
  • One of the best shows on Nickelodeon

    I really miss this show. It was really good and it was memorable. All the sketches were really good as well.
  • I Miss This Show

    My Favorite Episode in this show was that Amanda was doing the Cookie Dooper Sketch.
  • why nick why

    why would you get rid of such a great show and replace it with i Carly and victorious. I remember watching this show as a little kid, the next thing you know you will cancel spongebob, than nick is dead after that.

    The reason they got rid of those old shows is because kids these day don't like the 90s they had to get rid of those shows to keep there channel ratings up I know they do have those shows on teen nick in the middle of the day I think. I mean I think those shows are a little cheesy but that's my opinion.
  • She has loads of talent!

    Amanda is the girl you might envy. She is a very versatile actress. Role playing at it's finest...
  • Dis show beats them all

    i luv dis show beats so random n all dem 1s x x
  • Too short to give a perfect 10....and it fits good at 8.5


    Only 3 years.....that's not enough! I really liked this show growing up and they still show it on TeenNick.... I think Amanda Bynes and Drake Bell were great on this show! I love's kind of like a second All That!!! Penelope Taynt made me crack up.....along with Toatlly Kyle and Crazy Courtney....and who could foreget Judge Trudy and Blockblister! This is a great show and it got a great rating!

  • Well,it was good and all that.

    Well,we all know that Nick stinks now,but why would they cancel this show?It was a pretty good one and it could have not been canceled.I mean,it used to be a very ood show until it was canceled and Drake And Josh was made.It was a bit harsh to cancel this show.Nick,you really stink for really canceling this show.They stink for that and I really hate that channel now than Cartoon Network.It's one of the worst channels of all time and I hate both channels.I really hate it and it was very terrible.This was a good show that was ever made.
  • Ah, the nostalgia...

    Admittedly, one major reason why I enjoy this show is simply because it brings back good childhood memories. And honestly, sometimes it is a little over the top for me personally. But, really, it is quite entertaining. Its clever randomness allows you to laugh at its silliness. Plus all the actors are extraordinary--special props to Amanda, Drake, and Josh for their superbly charming performances every single episode. All these silly sketches I've come to know and love: chuckling at the rock-on stupidity of Totally Kyle, cringing yet simultaneously giggling at the goofy Hillbilly Moments, Penelope's addictively obsessive craziness, and then the laugh-out-loud shock moments such as the time when Amanda tried to pull the man's tooth by tieing it to a string and door but ended up pulling off the man's whole head.


    I miss this show.
  • An awesome show!!!

    I personally think that The Amanda Show is one of the funniest shows ever created... especially for Nickelodeon. The skits on this show are all hilarious. I love the Girls Room and I think that Debbie is really funny. I also like the Car Survivor one (i forgot what its real name was!!). That is my favorite. I like how at the end of the series they ended up taking the keys out of the trunk and driving to Las Vegas!! I also thought it was hysterical when they made Moody's Point. It was a drama but it was so funny. It was like a comedy mized with a soap opera. This is a really awesome show and it rocked... they should totally bring it back!! I also loved all of the infomercials they did with things like Garbage Cones and my all-time favorite... Meat Loaf Crunch!!! This was a great show and it must have been really funny to film!
  • Ugh...

    Anyone with half a brain will realize that this show's repetetive structure and immature humor is not funny to say the least. The show frequently recycles past sketches and hardly ever makes an attempt to make anything clever. The Hillbilly Moments, fake commercials, the Girl's Room, and the Meh-heh lady might have been funny in the beginning, but they sure as hell aren't anymore. Seriously, I have never seen a T.V. show that does the same over, and over, and over again as this one does. Although I must admit that I find Moody's Point absolutely hysterical, but that isn't so much The Amanda Show as it is it's own tiny spin off.
  • Worst show ever.Serously

    this has got to be the worst show in history.This show does'nt even diserve to be on TV! first of all they play reruns you would think this show would and sould be off the air! and the fake comercials are absuloutly pathetic.they play that fake music every comercial! and there is this actress on the show that play's the stupid one in "the girls room" and she looks like a complete idiot even when She's not playing her! and i especialy hate ponolepe tate i find her the most pathetic character on the hole show!!! the worst show ever...
  • The Amanda Show is about all these different shows played by Amanda that are always stupid. And they have a like 10 minute show called Moody’s Point which is also stupid.Don't wast your time please.

    I think it is a waste of time so don’t watch 5 seconds of this stuff. I think that none of the episodes deserve a rating over 6.0. My overall score for the show in general is worse than gave it. My overall score for the show is 3.2. The show deserves 30% for staying on the air since December 3, 2000 without getting canceled since it sucks! The other 2% is all pity. I've just learned that there will be no new eposodes forever. It will proubable give peaple a couple monthes to record all eposoides before they cancle it but it should not take that long because there are very little epoisodes.
  • ugh! can't anyone come up with a good idea!

    okay three words, make that four. All That Rip OFF! this is so not funny ever ever ever, unless your making fun of it. it's like a combination of all that and... the loser show{?}. anyways, they just copy stuff and i think it's extreamly anoing. Ugh ugh ugh ugh!
  • The Amanda Show is a complete waste of time. I really never thaught anything was funny. And I was 7 years old! It was all! Oh no! A skunk! Ahhehehehe! It sickens me.

    For one thing, Amanda Bynes plays a character who is obsessed with.... AMANDA BYNES! And every episode she's trying to meet Amdanda but, oh no! ahehheehehe! She just missed her! She should have stayed on her old show, All That. I still remember some of her "funniest" bits like when her co-stars Drake and Josh(Who now also have their own show, which is not bad) wore dresses! AHEHEHE! And when the old man came on stage with only a towel one and she gave him a sponge bath! So in total, It's another stupid show that thinks all kids will laugh at a half naked old man or men in dresses.
  • waste of time

    this show is a waste of time the skits are bad not funny and some of the fans want funny i mean i used to watch this show and now i think this show is not funny i mean i thought it was but now i think it is a complete waste of time if they bring this show back they better make it funny or im not watching it
  • Recyled Bits

    I never got this show. Amanda is a decent actress. She could have worked with a show that did not recycle or use previous sketches. Granted it was the writers and possibly not her doing but oh well.(Hillbilly moments, Blockblister...etc) Judge Trudy was fun and of course kids always won. But Some of the sketches were a little silly and not worth seeing the light of day.
    Not what I exepct from Amanda with talent of acting but oh well.
  • I used to think this show as funny but now I think it’s rude and unrealistic!

    Back when I was 10, this became my favorite show. I thought it was funny and enjoyable. But once I got put on some ADD prescription (My parents said it would help me focus more), I now know that it’s just mean and ludicrous. i.e., Wisconsin. They made fun of Wisconsin once in a Mr. Gullible sketch (Home of the flying bears??????? Gimme a break!!!!). I’m a Wisconsin native and I find that strongly disrespectful. Also, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. All “So You Wanna Win 5 Dollars” is doing is castigating “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” fans. No one would miss the jackpot question and if they did, Regis wouldn’t smile at the camera uncaringly after someone loses $468,000. Finally, there was a talent show bit in the closing in one episode and the kid who did very incredible gymnastics got last place and do you know who got 1st place? Some girl who all she did was sprinkle salt onto an egg!!! That’s incongruous. In conclusion, I think The Amanda Show is just a stupid show. The only sketches I find funny nowadays are Blockblister and The Dare Show. That’s why I give it at 1.8.

    I was forced to endure all the episodes thanks to my sister, even though it's a comedy only one part actually made me laugh and The Hillbily moment was the most stupid of all.

    Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap
  • Obviously made when Bynes' movie career was taking off.

    The fact that this show only made 38 episodes when it was produced from 1999 to 2002 must coincide with the fact that the demand for star Bynes in movies was increasing. I liked the show when it came out, but now that I look at it, it becomes quite obvious to me that the show's humor was, well, forced. It's almost as if they were trying too hard. How realistic is it for even the dumbest person on Earth to sit around all day and say nothing but, "I like eggs"? Not very. I don't know why Nick keeps showing reruns, especially considering the fact that under 40 episodes were made, and that Bynes is now on a completely different channel (The WB) and a completely different show ("What I Like About You"). Nick just needs to put the entire series out on a DVD set, and stop putting this show on everyday.
  • This show is stupid

    Ugh this show is so stupid who want to watch a nerdy girl annoying everyone always saying maha maha maha or a retared jerk saying I like eggs I like eggs I like eggs I like eggs. the fake comercals are absolute disgusting WTH is the sugar veggies or a remote that only work on adults or a ice pop that make you sick just to avoid school or a trash cone which is not funny that is just plain stupid. Im glad it got cancelled I hate this show.It dosent disvere a 5.0 it really disvere a 4.4.
  • An awful show about stupid topics that are supposed to be funny

    This show is awful!! They try to make it funny but I don't know one person who laughs at it. The skits are literally stupid. The even have one when two actors are dressed up in hillbilly clothes and one says "Knock Knock" The other says "Who's there" "Large Mallot" "Large Mallot Who?" "I'm gonna hit you in the head with a large mallot!" That's how stupid this show is. Don't check it out.
  • When I watch this show, oh wai no, because I will never watch this show.

    This has to be the most demeaning filth that a tv channel could produce. It's even pretty low standards for Nick! It's a show about dumb skits, bad acting, and plots that make me want to throw up!The fact that nick still replays this garbage is nauseating. How could this show have ever been made?
  • Dumb Actors.

    Amanda show is a piece of garbage stuck with a loser.Dumb and fatty now have thier own show Drake and Josh It S.U.C.K.S.! I hate the Amanda show the acts are dumb and they think thier funny but their not. They Have to have a When to laugh show i hate those shows. when some people say Laugh now! and they are being forced to laugh. Amanda show can't Make me laugh but cry and vomit and blind me with is dumb acts. And Gay Kids who come thier and be idiots im so glad it's Finnish. Now Drake and Josh its dumb you Guys why would you laugh at them not knowing what Lati,Latitude and langitude is. They say

    Josh:It also has latitude and langitude.
    Drake:Whats Latitude and Longitude?
    Josh:I Don't Know! Their Mentely Retarded People! Don't watch Drake and Josh Either. Even Barney's Better.
  • The Amanda Show was seen as the worst Nickelodeon sketch show by the community, and I can see why.

    Well, when I was, say, eleven years old, I stumbled upon what looks like a young judge calling punishments at the adults for doing bad things to their kids. I turned off the television and went to bed. The next day, I got on the bus, sat next to my friend, and asked him, "What show was that? You know, the one with the kid judge and the dancing lobsters and that dumb bailiff?" He answered, "The Amanda Show."

    Oh, right. The Amanda Show.

    "The Amanda Show" features some immature yet enjoyable (for the kids) sketches that only degrades the reputation of parents, important peoples, and...just about everything else a child can possibly hate. While some sketches contained horrible puns (Blockblister), there are other sketches that made me say, "Now that's just plain creepy."

    One reason why I never liked this show is the fact that Amanda Bynes has been pushing her show for too long. She struggles to get new material, and I personally think that the children audience who's watching her show is just plain fake. The audience were probably paid in gumballs to watch her show and play along. I just don't know.

    Sure, "The Amanda Show" had some fine moments, but these moments never bothered to come back to our thoughts, so while the summary of this show claims that "it's the most popular sketch comedy on Nickelodeon", who here still remembers it? Only a handful still knows and loves this show now, and the show will eventually die out, like Kenan & Kel (not saying that Kenan & Kel is a bad show).
  • OH MY GOD DOES THIS SHOW SUCK!!! I was 12 when this show started in 1999, and even then I thought this was crap!

    Wow, this is one bad show! I hope every single writer for this show was never re-hired so we never have to see another horrible program like this again!

    This is so bad, it should have been on Fox. Even for Nick, this was a BAD show. I was 12 when the show started, and even then I thought, "Wow does this suck!"

    If you see re-runs of this show, do not hesitate to change the channel! I'm not kidding, this is BAD television. I can't stress enough how bad it is.

    Every sketch on the Amanda Show isn't just lame, it's SOOOO boring.

    Let's just hope there's never another piece of crap like this again!!!
  • I can't stand it.

    I hate this, They just recycle untill it's boring. The jokes are lame, Hillblly Moments was nothing but knock knock jokes BORRRINNGGG. Moody's Point sucked. By the way, WHO ARE MOODY'S PARENTS? They never even told us. The only funny skit is That Girl who prank phone calls that old guy. MA HA got old too, peoplope did as well, they should have just made her meet amanda and abandon the chreatar. I cringe every time i watch this. And the joke at the end I have to go Fracture my Tibia with a BaseBall Bat(or whatever).....

    0.10 Boring show with bathroom humor and racism (Blockblister).
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