The Amanda Show - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2002)


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  • Episode 13
    Episode 13
    Penelope and Preston try cloning Amanda, using a toenail they found in the trash can, but the result isn't what they hoped. Amanda and Drake have fun eating Meatloaf Crunch, a new cereal. Drake has a problem at school with a new student, who acts and looks suspiciously like a witch. Then we have time for yet another Hillbilly Moment, where Lula-Mae is annoying Eenis, much to Eenis' dismay. Thad and Melody go to a restaurant to sing, but their songs seem to offend and annoy the people eating.moreless
  • Episode 12
    Episode 12
    Episode 12
    Amanda discovers that there is no audience to hear her opening monologue because she has arrived too early. Raquel and Amanda get a prank call from two boys. So, they use Call ZAP! Judge Trudy gives an unfair punishment to a man whose zoo animals had been released all over the city and a woman whose daughter had painted her face, hair and other parts all orange. Amanda also cannot sleep at night, so her parents give her a doll that will not shut up. One of the lobsters has a cold. So, Amanda says "You need your daily dose of Vitamin C!".. which links to the next part of the show. Guest singer Vitamin C sings for Amanda and the audience. Kyle talks about his cordless phone and how he never found it in Totally Kyle. Mr. Oldman gets another prank call from Amanda.moreless
  • Episode 11
    Episode 11
    Penelope uses a homemade robot to finally infiltrate The Amanda Show. And what better day than Amanda's birthday? Inside the robot is also her brother who won't stop asking for a sandwich. Also The Klutz Family get there hands on some priceless, irreplaceable, art in a museum. Amanda also shares about the dangers of When Old Ladies Attack!moreless
  • Episode 10
    Episode 10
    Penelope has stolen the A of the AMANDA letters in the Amanda show studio, what makes it MANDA. Dareen and her dad now have a sushi shop and it still carries on to be disgusting stuff like toe nail sushi and samari sushi. Amanda's dad buys a new TV set which gets stolen by a burglar. Then Penelope decides to return the "A", but has trouble getting it in the back of a taxi.moreless
  • Episode 9
    Episode 9
    Episode 9
    Raquel gets two pieces of fan mail and Drake gets one... but it actually turns out to be for the dancing lobsters which adds to the dancing lobsters huge fan mail stack. Amanda fumbles a magic trick, some more fake commercials bring more inventive ways to get out of school, and there's just time for a serious documentary in the form of When Cheerleaders Attack where we see innocent people attacked by raving cheerleaders dancing and hurting people with pompom's. They also get into the studio and pompom out Amanda.moreless
  • Episode 8
    Episode 8
    Episode 8
    Today, Penelope is awakened from her bad dream by a surprise visitor from The Amanda Show. It is not Amanda though, it's one of The Amanda Show's camera men. Amanda's opening is disrupted by an audience member who cannot listen to LFO on their CD player. Amanda solves the problem by bringing on the band themselves! They sing a song about Amanda. Drake, Raquel, and the dancing lobsters dance with them. They ask Amanda out onto stage with them as they end the song.moreless
  • Episode 7
    Episode 7
    Episode 7
    Penelope has over 50 phones with her to try and win a dinner with Amanda in a radio contest. She wins...but then when the radio tries to phone her back, she doesn't know which phone to pick up. Judge Trudy has a date with a guy in a restaurant, but the guys parents come and Judge Trudy sentences them. Doreen and her dad sell weird soups... like toe nail soups and grandpa's foot hairs soup... Join Debbie as she likes eggs in the Girls' Room.moreless
  • Episode 6
    Episode 6
    Episode 6
    Amanda takes extreme measures to break through The Amanda Show's tight security. She gives them some of her muscle. When she gets to the stage, the audience does not understand a word she says. There is also a tense game of So You Wanna Win Five Dollars? and Amanda finds a good way to deal with broccoli.moreless
  • Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Amanda nearly doesn't make the show opening thanks to an unusual elevator, in which she meets clowns, lobster and even an Eskimo. After that, we see some remote control underpants. Mr Gullible, (a substitute teacher thats very gullible), is taken for granted and does things like giving the students $100 each and drinking fish water. There's also the star-studded audience awards including best laughter and least intelligent audience member.moreless
  • Episode 4
    Episode 4
    It starts of with Amanda teaching the lobsters to dance and when they do it in front of the audience, Amanda pops off and Penelope tries and disguises herself as one of the lobsters and tries to keep up with their dance. Also, a lot of people get ripped off in Blockblister. One of them being a person who asked for Austin Powers and got a different version done by the Blockblister family.moreless
  • Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Amanda and her co-stars are eating when Drake brings out a lobster to eat and the dancing lobsters are in the room while he is eating it. When they see the cooked lobster, they get upset and leave the room worried and scared. Meanwhile, Amanda's attempts to open the show are interrupted once more by Penelope, this time arriving by special delivery. There's a family obsessed with wrestling, they start off waiting for their daughter before they eat dinner.... but the burgers are too hard to eat. So they order a pizza and demand it to be there in 10 seconds. When the pizza guy asks for the money, they start beating him up. There's also the Girls Room with Amber, the most popular girl in school, there's also one thats a hard nut, one that is an exchange student from Tennessee, and one that's slow. Also there is the smelling bee, where they sniff a hobo with a sandwich, an old lady with bad arm pit smell, a rotten egg in a shoe, and a rotten glass of milk in the other shoe.moreless
  • Episode 2
    Episode 2
    Amanda's number one fan, Penelope, opens the show today, as Amanda is not on the guest list for some reason. Jack and Jake, the two least successful bullies in school, are trying to cause up trouble, but it just doesn't seem to work!!! Also, Amanda has a date with a boy with a pimple. At first she thinks it's ugly and sick.... but in the end she runs away with it and leaves the boy sitting by himself with a confused face. Plus, Amanda has some fun with a prank call to Mr. Oldman.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Welcome to The Amanda Show! Today we meet up with Penelope, who is a 12-year-old Amanda fanatic who puts the word "please" at the end of every sentence, and will stop at nothing to meet Amanda. Meanwhile, Amanda makes her entrance by helicopter. But when the pilot falls asleep, it is up to Amanda to jump out of the plane and make it to the set in time. Kenan Thompson and Josh Server (From All That), deliver Amanda a pizza and good wishes for her new show.moreless
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