The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers

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The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers

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The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers! From the fictional land of Rendoosia come Xan, Adi and Enk: Three daredevils on a World Tour performing the wildest stunts the world has ever seen, often finding themselves wound up in crazy adventures!

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Season 1 : Episode 39

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  • This should have been released in the internet instead, as a flash cartoon.

    This show is still on?

    Plot: 3 brothers that has an unusual instability issues, always goes on a trip to make a stunt. They should thank themselves, this was a cartoon. if this show is IRL, they've probably in their hospital beds right now. Crying.

    Characters: Characters are idiots and lacks ability to speak. How good is that? And our protagonist consists of a fat f**k, a cat guy, and a mime who has probably hit his head badly on something.

    Humor: Running around and getting hurt, being sloppy, that's all it has.

    Art: Pretty bad. Animation is sloppy and the art is done by a 5 year old kid.....

    Overall: -1.5. Uggh. One of favorite my shows to be cancelled.moreless
  • I could get sick even thinking about this piece of shi.... *blurgh*!

    Title: neutral.

    Theme song: (can't remember how it sounded like, but it was probably terrible anyway....)

    Story: three psychos who have brain damage "entertaine" unlucky people.

    Art: my two year old brother could draw way better than this...

    Humour: ...yeah...

    Characters: the main one who looks like a bad guy. The skinny one who looks like a cat and the third one - an ugly fat idiot.

    Misc: it is bad enough that they are not funny and bad drawed, but they can't even speak english right! *sigh* what the hell?

    In conclusion : terrible, horrible, awful, appalling, dire, horrid, dreadful, lurid, gruesome, desperate, shocking, hideous, grim, deadly, bloodcurdling, creepy, dread, sick, morbid, gory, unspeakable and hellish.moreless
  • ok there were a lot of horrible shows on cn but this one is the worst of them all!

    the story is about 3 brothers who do stunts.they come from some comunistic easteuropian country and they travell all over the world.this is why this show sucks:they dont speak english!i cant understand what the f#$& are they saying.instead they speak some yibberish.then comes the animation.this show LITTERALY looks like a 2-year old drew tooks them 10 seconds to drew one character.the character:there is a leader with sungleases,a giant bearded on who sounds like a troll,and a little mouse looking midget.and they do stunts all over the world.their adventures are cheesy and overused.and not being able to understand them you dont know what the hell is going on.this show wouldnt even make a toddler giggle.just cancel this garbage!moreless

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