The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan

Season 2 Episode 4

The Mardi Gras Caper

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 25, 1972 on CBS



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    • Charlie Chan: As my son would say, "Wham bam, someone's in a jam."

    • Stanley: Well, if he wants our help, he'll get it.
      Henry: How do you know Craven stole the ring?
      Stanley: Are you kidding? That butler disguise didn't fool me for one minute.
      Henry: What do you mean disguise? He is a butler.
      Stanley: That's what I mean. The butler's always the one.

    • Anne: I still don't see why the crook can't be Scarlet.
      Tom: Because Scarlet is of the female gender.
      Anne: So what? Just because she's woman, why can't she be a crook?
      Suzie: Stop being silly.
      Anne: Listen, a woman can be just as good a crook as a man anytime.
      Alan: Annie, I think your head's coming to a point.

    • Flip: I'll bet he takes us right to the ring he heisted.
      Scooter: How do you know he heisted it, Chief?
      Mimi: If you could read, you'd know.
      Scooter: I can read!
      Mimi: I mean grown-up stuff like Nancy Drew.
      Scooter: Those are girls' books.
      Mimi: Well, if you read them, you'd know the younger son is always jealous of the older one because of the inheritance.

    • Henry: Where do you suppose the butler's gone, Stanley?
      Stanley: I wouldn't know, I never buttled.
      Henry: Oh, that's very...(looks at Stanley) Just what are you supposed to be now?
      Stanley: (in disguise) Can't you tell? I'm blending in. I'm a southern colonel, sir.
      Henry: You're not a colonel, you're a full-grown nut! Now get out of that stupid disguise!

    • Suzie: What'll we do?
      Tom: Our initial project must be an attempt at entering the premises. A catapult would be useful to fire each of us over the wall.
      Anne: (opens the gate) Hey, genius, how about just walking in?
      Tom: Well...of course...that's another way.

    • Nancy: Yipe! L-L-L-Look!
      Flip: It's only a raccoon.
      Scooter: Boy, are you a scaredy-cat. You weren't a scaredy-cat, were you, Chu-Chu?
      Chu-Chu: Meow! Meow!

    • Stanley: Boy, that really was simple. How come I didn't figure it out?
      Henry: Easy, 'cause your bag is disguising not detecting.

    • Tom: I still cannot comprehend the fact that a female was the culprit.
      Anne: You wouldn't listen to me, would ya? I told you, a woman crook can be as good as a man crook any day.
      Charlie Chan: But if I may add one unhappy note, both kinds usually end up in the same place.
      Flip: In the cooler!
      Scooter: Right, Chief, in the cooler!

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