The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan

CBS (ended 1972)


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  • Season 2 Episode 8: Scotland Yard

  • During the theft of the corination stone at Westminster Abbey, Hoppey the kangaroo and his trainer are right next to the Chan kids, who are pretty clearly a piece away from the throne and thus the stone. When the lights go out, you can clearly see the kids along with Hoppey and his trainer. None of them move from the spot they were in before the lights go out. Thus the question is raised as to how the trainer could have stolen the stone and put it it Hoppey's pouch if the two never approached it when they were supposed to steal it. Big mistake making these two steal the Stone of Scone in the dark when the audiance can clearly see them not move during that entire period.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: The Fat Lady Caper

  • Henry Chan is supposed to be in the circus owner's trailer along with his father and some of his younger siblings when it is revealed that the fat lady is really a crook in an inflatable costume. So he should know a little later to chase the "fat lady". Yet when the chase takes place Henry tackles the strong man and another member of the circus along with Stanley claiming their still trying to steal the fat lady. Since Stanley was not present during the reveal it's understandable why he'd think their still suspect in the theft of the fat lady. But Henry clearly saw she was a he and he was a theif, so it's not understandable why he did so.

  • After the thief is finally caught and taken away, it's said that it's time for supper, to which the circus owner says he's afraid all the places to eat at the circus are already closed. Understandable as it is late when Charlie Chan solves the case rather late and it's late when they catch the thief. Despite that, Stanley says it's never too late for super when your a Chan and then says they'll use "van plan six", which turns the Chan van into a hot dog stand. Only problem is, he hit's button 16 instead of 6, and the van plans appear to be on the numbers on the buttons which transform the van.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Eye of the Idol

  • There was a mail collection box in this episode that was totally red. US mail collection boxes have been red and blue and all blue, but never all red.

  • When Scooter got in trouble for being inside the mail collection box it was said he was in trouble with the "Post Office Department" which in fact had been reorganized into the "United States Postal Service" two years earlier.

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