The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan

Season 2 Episode 7

White Elephant

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 16, 1972 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the scene where the middle children are about to be chased for the second time, Suzie speaks, but Alan's lips are moving instead of hers.

  • Quotes

    • (After watching a magic performance)
      Tom: An amazing exhibition of prestidigitation!
      Anne: And also a pretty neat trick.

    • Stanley: Wham bam, the sultan's in a jam.

    • Henry: I'm betting it's the mahout that caused the stampede, Sa Boo Boo.
      Prince Sa Boo Boo: But he's been with us since I was a boy.
      Stanley: (disguised as a tree) I'm afraid Henry's right, Sa Boo Boo.
      Henry: Will you knock off that stupid disguise?
      Stanley: You won't think it's so stupid when I tell you what I found out.
      Prince Sa Boo Boo: What is that?
      Stanley: The mahout took it on the lam.
      Henry: How do you know?
      Stanley: 'Cause he climbed me to get over the wall.

    • Stanley: Trying to find the mahout in this jungle is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
      Henry: Well, we just found the needle.
      (A temple is seen)
      Stanley: Ah, it's only an old temple.
      Henry: Take a closer look.
      (Tracks are seen on the ground)
      Stanley: Elephant tracks!
      Henry: Right.
      Stanley: Hey, Sing Ha's an elephant!
      Henry: (sarcastically) Brilliant.

    • (Evil henchmen appear to chase the middle Chan children)
      Suzie: It's them guys!
      Tom: You mean those guys.
      Suzie: Never mind the grammar lesson. Run!

    • (Henry and Stanley find the multi-armed statue of Kali)
      Henry: What's that?
      Stanley: I don't know, but she'd be great at a checkout counter.

    • (The youngest Chan children find the multi-armed statue of Kali)
      Flip: Boy, she'd be great at a checkout counter.
      Nancy: Oh, Flip, that sounds like one of Stanley's corny jokes.
      Scooter: I think it's funny, Chief.
      Mimi: Men, always stick together.

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