The Amazing Extraordinary Friends

TELETOON (ended 2008)


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  • Season 2
    • The Android Army Strikes Back
      The Earth is under attack and Captain X must finally face the Android Army which is still intent on taking his insignia and enslaving the galaxy. The battle lines are drawn, but do the Amazing Extraordinary Friends have what it takes to defeat the robot army? And could this be the end for one of our heroes?!moreless
    • Love and Marriage
      Love and Marriage
      Episode 12
      Ben and Roy are put in charge of organising Dave's bachelor party, which sounds simple enough until the boys lose the groom. The Amazing Extraordinary Friends are called in to try and find Dave and get him to the church on time. Little do they know that there's a sinister plot afoot: Renfield and the Comedian won't let the wedding bells ring without a fight!moreless
    • Nine Twenty Six
      Nine Twenty Six
      Episode 11
      It's bull rush season at City Central College but Ben Wilson's mind is elsewhere- a surprise visitor brings a warning that an Android Army is tracking Captain X's insignia, and is coming straight to him! Will Captain X's powers be enough to stop these Androids from a outer space, or will the insignia be taken from him by force?moreless
    • Night Mayor
      Night Mayor
      Episode 10
      It's election time in City Central and there's a new candidate in town. The Evil Jester returns to challenge the Mayor and is planning to win by bribing the people of City Central big screen TVs and cash in exchange for their votes. The plan seems to be working, but Captain X and the Amazing Extraordinary Friends set out to expose the Jester's cheating. Unfortunately, they find themselves in major trouble when Captain X takes the law into his own hands in the process.moreless
    • Night Of The Time Vampire
      To avoid failing a history exam, Captain X and Nightlite attempt to travel back in time a week to study. Unfortunately, they miscalculate and travel back to the year 1933, where there is a phantom causing mayhem and they are the prime suspects! Things go from bad to worse when Ben discovers his powers aren't working and the two boys are arrested. Help arrives from an unexpected source, but in order to get back to the future the they must defeat a time vampire while keeping out of the way of the Galactic Time Squad.moreless
    • Doctor Zeno And His Monster Battle-Bot
      City Central is under attack from a giant battle-bot, and Captain X and his Amazing Extraordinary Friends are called into stop him. But before they can take him on, the robot mysteriously disappears. Vicki begins her own investigation, which leads her to the castle of Doctor Victor Zeno, a mad scientist with strong ties to the Nemesis Corporation. The AEF find themselves caught in a trap when they discover the monster battle-bot wasn't destroyed, and worse, he's unaffacted by Captain X's powers.moreless
    • The Incredible Cosmic Gal
      While saving the city from a giant gorilla, Captain X meets a glamorous new superhero, the incredible Cosmic Girl. The heroine is from a distant planet called Nigel, and has come to earth to help fight crime. However, Vicki isn't impressed with the newest member of the team and begins investigating Cosmic Gal's story, but disappears before she can share her discoveries. Now Captain X has to wonder, who is Cosmic Gal really, and what is she after?moreless
    • West Wing Story
      West Wing Story
      Episode 6
      Ben finds himself playing the lead role of a play at City Central College after an attempt to keep an eye on Vicki and Media Studies teacher Mr. Charmers goes awry. Meanwhile, Ice and Renfield harness the mind control powers of one of the mail room employees and track Captain X to the school play. But the show must go on, so Ben must find a way to defeat Ice and still give the performance of a lifetime.moreless
    • The Ingenious Zeta Nitro
      The science project of Central City College Zeta Nitro goes badly awry, creating a new energy source called smarticles. But events take a turn for the worse when his smarticles take over Zeta's mind, and then start draining all the power from the national grid! Captain X must use his newfound time travel powers to save the day, but if he should falter, the City could be destroyed forever!moreless
    • The Tremendous Trio
      Ben and his friends are confronted by a new group of superheroes known as The Tremendous Trio from Megatropolis. They say that they're in Central City to help, but all may not be as it seems, when Captain X learns of a villainous plot to drown the city with a giant tidal wave!moreless
    • Mad Mike Molloy
      Mad Mike Molloy
      Episode 3
      City Central is in for a rough ride when the insane crime boss Mike Molloy comes to town. He even recruits the local godfather Tony Baritony to help with his planned bank heist- but first, Tony has to escape from jail!
    • It's Ice To Be Back
      There's a new boss at the evil Nemesis Corporation, now that Renfield has been banished to the Mailroom- Ice, with the able assistance of her Icicles. Their first target is wealthy scientist Tray Waistcoat. Captain X foils Ice's plan, but he soon learns that Tray has an even worse plan of his own- plunging the world into a new ice age!moreless
    • Jokes on Hugh
      Jokes on Hugh
      Episode 1
      Captain X must travel halfway across the globe to find the Green Termite, who has gone missing, leaving Vicki in charge of the AEF. While he's away, Ben learns about the superhero code from the person who actually wrote it. But Vicki must lead the rest of the Amazing Extraordinary Friends against their arch enemy The Comedian, who has a plan to destroy City Central once and for all!moreless
  • Season 1
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