The Amazing Race Asia

(ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Episode 1 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      10 teams of 2 set out from the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and were instructed to travel by taxi to Times Square Shopping Center. All teams struggled to find taxis and it became quite a hassle. Once there, teams learned that they had to make their way to Kompleks Kraf, where teams faced their very first Detour. Teams had the choice of painting and tracing a traditional silk batik painting which required steady hands or make a bowl on a pottery wheel to receive their next clue. Both tasks proved to be a little tricky but all teams eventually completed their choice quickly. Once completed, teams had to jump into a car and drive to City Carting Enterprise to find their next clue. Teams then had to go kart around a track completing four individual laps to complete the task. Some teams fell behind in this task due to miscounting the laps required to complete the task. Next, teams were instructed to make their way to the Pit Stop. In a very close foot race to the finish, one team was unable to catch up and checked in last place. They were given a reprieve when they learned that this was the first of four Pre-Determined Non-Elimination legs.moreless
    • Episode 2 | Jakarta, Indonesia
      The ten teams began in Malaysia where they had left off and received a clue telling them to fly to Jakarta, Indonesia. Once there, teams traveled by taxis to the Ragunan Zoo. There, teams faced their first Roadblock. This Roadblock required teams to step into a snake pit and search for the clue box hidden somewhere in the snake enclosure. Teams also discovered a Fast Forward: the first of only two hidden on the race. This Fast Forward involved careful searching. One team completed it and was able to check in to the Pit Stop first. The other teams continued through the Roadblock and eventually completed it but ended all shook up because of their fear of snakes. Teams were then instructed to make their way to West Sumatra Pavilion where teams faced a Detour. One task involved careful pushing of a cart while signing a song as well as trying to avoid dropping a bowl of soy sauce on the ground. The second task required teams to sell a certain amount of food. Both tasks took a while to finish. Once completed, teams had to make their way to the next Pit Stop where one team fell behind causing them to arrive last. They had both been eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Episode 3 | Bali, Indonesia
      The nine remaining teams continued on to Bali for the third leg of the race. Once there, they had to travel by taxi to Kuta Beach where they discovered a Roadblock which involved digging in the sand for a token and once they found the token, they could exchange it for their next clue. Many teams struggled with the task and spent hours trying to complete it. Some teams even quit the Roadblock which resulted in four hour penalties which would occur once the teams had checked into the Pit Stop. Next, teams had to make their way to the Internet Outpost Travellers Lounge cybercafe, and then do a search on MSN for their next clue. Later on, teams had to the town of Ubad, 33km away and once there they had to look for the Ubad Monkey Forrest for their next clue. However, there were 200 clue envelopes hidden in the forrest but only ten held the correct clue for teams to move on. Teams read their next clue, which was a Detour: teams could either choose to white water river raft down the river, or take a gentle elephant trek. Once completed, teams learned that they had to make their way down to the beach in order to find this leg's Pit Stop, located at the Tanah Lot Temple. The race to the finish ended up in a tense foot race but in the end, one team couldn't catch up and stepped onto the mat in last place. They had been eliminated.moreless
    • Episode 4 | Sydney, Australia
      The teams take off from Indonesia and receive a clue instructing them to fly to Sydney, Australia and once there, teams were to locate Dawes Point where they'd find the next clue. Teams then face a Detour which has teams either facing a steady climb to the top of Sydney Harbor Bridge or making their way on foot to complete a task involving shelling cold prawns. Teams then drive to Mrs Macquarie's Chair. There, teams must then make their way to the World Square at SonyCentral. Teams are then required to take a Sony HD Camera and use it to record a video of someone singing a local bushman ballad, titled "Click Goes The Shears". Once they were done, they had to go back to SonyCentral and have the video played on a television. Once completing the task, teams are to make their way to Sydney Oceanworld Manly where a Roadblock has one person swimming with sharks in order to find a hidden clue. Next, teams had to travel by taxis to the next Pit Stop found at Circular Quay, the tall bounty. After some close calls, one team is too late to catch up but is given some great news upon arriving at the mat, but thus, they have received a penalty.moreless
    • Episode 5 | Auckland, New Zealand
      The teams begin in Australia and learn that they must fly to Auckland, New Zealand. One team struggles with a penalty on their hands given to them on the previous leg. All teams manage to make the same flight. Once there, the teams must catch a Ferry to Devenport and once there, they must search for a girl on a swing who will hand them their next clue. There, the teams encounter a Detour. Their choices are between playing Rugby and shooting goals at Victoria Park or tying knots at a nearby location on yachts. On the way to the Detour, one team breaks a race rule by catching a ride instead of taking a taxi. After the Detour, the teams learn that they must now go to Sky City and complete a Vertigo Climb that will take them nearly 300m above ground. Upon completing the task, teams discover a Roadblock in which one team member must leap off the tower in a sky jump and fall 192m, while the other captured their descent on a Sony Cybershot. The teams must then make their way to the next Pit Stop at Auckland's War Memorial Museum where another team is eliminated due to breaking a race rule causing them to gain a one hour penalty.moreless
    • Episode 6 | South Island, New Zealand
      The remaining seven teams take off from the Pit Stop at Auckland's War Memorial museum and receive clues instructing them to fly to Dunedin and once there, they are to locate the flagged four-wheel drives at the airport which contain their next clue. All teams manage to make it on the same flight. There, teams read their clue and learn that they must drive themselves to Queenstown and find a resort town built around Lake Wakatipu, a popular destination for adventure travelers and lovers of extreme sports. On the way, one team is pulled over by a Police officer for speeding leaving one person unable to drive for the rest of their time in New Zealand. Teams then discover a Detour involving two outdoor adventures. One option is to take turns at performing a ledge swing, which hurls the team members 400m above Queenstown, and the other is to participate in a tag team relay, going four laps around a luge circuit. Once completed, teams travel to Arrowtown and read their next clue instructing them to make their way to Offroad Adventures where Teams must then complete a quadbike course before moving on. After completing the task, teams are faced with a Roadblock which requires one person to complete a bungee jump. The teams then travel to the next Pit Stop at the Chard Farm in Central Otago where another team is eliminated.moreless
    • Episode 7 | Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand
      The teams depart New Zealand and head directly to MacPherson, a Caltex station in Singapore, Malaysia. There, teams are required to clean up an extremely dirty Ford Focus car in order to receive their next clue. Once completed, teams make their way to Suntec City where they have to locate the fountain of Wealth. Teams then travel from there to Bangkok, Thailand where they must then make their way to Wat Niwet Thamaprawat. There, teams face a second additional task that requires teams to take a cable car over a river and then search the temple grounds for several clue boxes. Only one of these clue boxes would contain the right clue. Teams then have to figure out that their next destination is the Golden Mount, by finding out the monument on the Thai two Baht coin enclosed in their clue envelope. Teams encounter a Roadblock that involves a steady climb to the top of a temple followed by a careful search. Upon completing this task, teams face a Detour. "In Egg", teams would have to travel to an egg stall and using a trolley, deliver twenty six trays of eggs to a nearby egg market. "In Bacon", teams would have to find marked Tuk-Tuks on Larnlong Road and then direct their Tuk-Tuk drivers to drive them to the Pig Memorial Monument. The teams then make their way to Wat Pho, the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Ultimately, one team is too late and arrives at the Pit Stop last, but finds themselves stripped of all money in a non-elimination leg.moreless
    • Episode 8 | Krabi, Thailand
      The teams depart from the Wat Pho in Bangkok and are instructed to make their way to Krabi and locate the southern bus terminal. Teams then travel by bus to the Nopparat Thara Bay national park in Krabi. Once there, teams make their way Ko Poda Island where they discover a Fast Forward; the second of only two hidden on the race. The Fast Forward requires teams to Pranang Bay and then locate a kayak, take the kayak and use it to locate a nearby cave where the Fast Forward award would be waiting. One team decides to go for it and claims the award, and arrives at the Pit Stop first. The other teams face a Detour which is either smashing 75 coconuts or swim and find clues on buoys and in which only several of the buoys contain their next clue. The teams then drive themselves to Railey East 123 Wall where they encounter a Roadblock, a rough climb on a cliff to receive their next clue. Teams then learn that they must drive to Ko Hong Lagoon and from there, to the Pit Stop, at the Ko Phak Bia. All teams fiercly race to avoid elimination and make sure they don't find themselves coming in last. In the end, another team is eliminated.moreless
    • Episode 9, Virtual Pit Stop | Kolkata, India
      The five remaining teams begin in Krabi and learn that they must fly Kolkata, India, and then take a taxi from the airport to St Teresa of Avila church, named after the late Mother Teresa, to find their next clue.
      On the way, one team faces a terrifying cab ride while others struggle to maintain through culture shock, while another team is taken to the wrong church. Upon arriving, teams discover a Roadblock which requires teams required Teams to make their way to Tollygunge Metro Train Station, an underground railway, and then find the marked shoeshiners. The chosen team member then had to shine seven pairs of shoes for the price of 5 rupees each, before getting the next clue.
      The teams had to make their way to Aaheli Restaurant at the Pearless Inn hotel where they consume a traditional Bengali meal to get their next clue.
      Teams are then instructed to travel by taxi to The Teams had to make their way by taxi to Kanishka's Sari Boutique, and search amongst the rolls of fabric and hundreds of Indian saris for the next clue. Teams face an overnight wait until it opens the next morning.
      Teams then encounter a Detour, one involving heavy carrying, the physical task, or a brains challenge involving counting objects. Following on, the teams must then go and find Allan on the mat located at the Kolay Market. Andy and Laura are the first to arrive, but receive a shock when Allan Wu tells them that they have not yet reached the Pit Stop, as they are only half way through this leg, and that the race is not over. Allan Wu gives them a next clue.
      To be continued...moreless
    • Episode 10 | Delhi, India
      The remaining five teams continue from the mid-point check in and are instructed to make their way to Sealdah Railway Station in Kolkata where they must then journey by train to New Delhi Railway station. At the station, teams make their way by taxi to Red Fort in the heart of Delhi where a Detour has teams either doing 'Deliver' or 'Donkey'. Deliver required teams to carry sacks of spices and deliver them to a spice shop which they only have a picture for reference (Sunny International Spice Shop in Gadodia Market, Khari Baoli). The 'Donkey' choice involved teams transporting onions using a donkey followed by walking it to the onion store before the vendor will hand teams their next clue. Teams discovered a Yield at the sight of the Detour, the first of only two in the race. One team Yielded another before completing the Detour. Tibetan Monastery Market is the next location, where they face a Roadblock. One personfrom each team would be required to carry pails of cow manure and then use it to make dung cakes by adding water and sticking them onto the wall. Teams then dashed to the Pit Stop, located at Jain Mandir Dada Bari. All teams were facing fatigue after such a long leg. Unfortunately for the Yielded team, they are not able to catch up and are eliminated, leaving on four remaining.moreless
    • Episode 11 | Dubai
      Episode 11 | Dubai
      Episode 11
      The four remaining teams depart Delhi, India and begin the tenth leg of the race. They are instructed to fly to the city of Dubai on the Persian Gulf. Once there, teams make their way to Abra Station where they encounter their second and final Yield of the race. Fortunately, it remains unused during this leg and proceed on to their next clue; a Roadblock. The Roadblock requires one team member to successfully complete a nine-hole golf academy course, using only a putter and a club. Many teams struggled with the ordeal. Next, teams traveled to Dubai International Marine Club, the Leopard of Dubai where they receive their next clue. This leads the teams to Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai where teams encounter a Detour. The choice is between 'Hack' and 'Hike'. In 'Hack', teams must chisel their way through a 150 kg block of ice to reveal the instructions of their next clue. Only a chisel and hammer were to be used. In 'Hike', teams would have to climb the steepest slope in Ski Dubai while carrying 25 kg worth of skiing equipment. The clue would be waiting at the top of the slope. Next, teams make their way to Gold Souk, which is a Modern Jewellery Shop of Dubai to find the next clue. Teams then learned that they must now get themselves out of Dubai and into the desert to find Margham desert camp, the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. In a close foot-race, the final two teams wound up being closely tight. In the end, one team could not reach it in time, and feared the worst. Luckily, this also happens to be the fourth and last non-elimination leg, and are instead stripped of all money.moreless
    • Episode 12 | Dubai
      Episode 12 | Dubai
      Episode 12
      The four remaining teams leave the desert camp on the outskirts of Dubai and travel back into Dubai and locate the Big Red Al Hamar; Desert Area 5. There, teams have to choose between 'Ride' or 'Seek' in this leg's Detour.

      In 'Ride', the Team members have to sit on a camel and guide it through a marked course and collect five flags while using only a camel stick. In 'Seek', Teams must find a souvenir in a marked plot of sand, using a metal detector. Next, teams proceed on to what is called, the Eye of the Emirates. Teams encounter a Roadblock, which requires one team member to eat an Arabian specialty dish, which consisted of brains and bread in Raghdan Restaurant. From there, teams made their way to Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum's house where they would be required to search the area for their next clue. Teams learned that they must get themselves to Wild Wadi Water Park. There, both team members have to ride the Jumeirah Sceirah, the tallest and fastest free-fall water slide outside of the United States.
      Teams then proceed to the next Pit Stop, Mina A' Salam Beach. Allan Wu tells us that someone will be eliminated by the end of the leg, and after a mad dash to get to the finish, one team is eliminated.moreless
    • Episode 13 | Kuching, Malaysia
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