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  • Love this just as much as the USA version

    I am a great fan of the USA version, watching those wonderfully wacky americans offend someone or say something stupid, so thats always a highlight but the Asia one i enjoy just as much - its little more polite and thought season 3 was quite an exciting season. I definitely think that there is room for this show to continue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • my fave ever! season 2 rocks! and i expect the upcoming seasons to be so much better!

    i love, love, love this show! it's all about motivation, determination and drive that keeps you on the edge of your seat everytime you watch it! every episode brings so much action to the table that you wouldn't wanna miss every single moment of it. a race all over asia that helps you appreciate the wonders and splendor of every country and the colorful cultures they bring!

    aside from these, you also get to be entertained by dynamic teams who are rooting for the top prize, each having their own interesting personalities that make the show even more exciting and dramatic.

    downright funny, full of action and suspese, it's a must-watch for all TV fanatics out there!

    go, team Philippines!
  • Not as good as the original, but still a joy to watch.

    The show's basically the same as the original Amazing Race, except that the teams are Asian and the race pretty much stays in Asia, hence the name Amazing Race Asia. It's a fun show to watch (even though I have to rely on YouTube and Wikipedia to watch it). The only thing that's bad is that the tasks are almost complete ripoffs from the original. Like the task when they had to sledge and the Hell's Gate task in New Zealand. My favorite team so far is Rovilson & Marc because they're leaders, and are WAY better than Eric & Jeremy.
  • in the season 2 the 2 Filipino boys were very funny but the other filipina with an american husband, i dont know their names hehe

    in the season 2 the 2 Filipino boys were very funny but the other filipina with an american husband, i dont know their names hehe.. so my main review in the amazing race it is okay. so the point point is that nthe filipina girl is SO LOUD can't believe her mostly i think she's acting i mean men give t a break she's so loud good thing his husband is patient and calm,, it is kind of embarasing to us filipinos because people or the viewers might think that all filipinos are lyk that LOUD and a quitter wahh she is so embarrassing!!!!!shame i tell you shame!! and mind her reality check she is on a natinal tv people can see her act,,she have to act like a lady golly emabarrassing!!!
  • The normal version is better

    Oh dear, (Vomits)

    What on earth was this carap? Seriously, The REAL Amazing Race is getting bad enough as it is after notification of Season 12 next year. "Who thought of this"?

    Some Asian one, as well as a new Brazillian one with another European version! What the hell, I won't be surprised if they receive poor ratings because this Version of TAR is a complete waste of time, believe me! It is so silly it's stupid. Show's that copy other show's never ever work out, who in the world would think of watching something like this Garbage??!!

    I saw parts of Season 1 Asia on youtube and it is a discrase to the community: Terrible challenges, poor editing, uncompetitive teams and an overall disastar with Non-Elimination legs and all the rest!

    This one will make me sick if it ever aires again! Only one season has aired, let's keep it that away for our benefits and our own good lol.

    Terrible clone of the American edition
  • A good show, that could be made a whole lot better.

    The Amazing Race Asia is the Asian version of The Amazing Race. It features teams of two people from countries in Asia, with a pre-existing relationship. They race around Asia and the Pacific, and the first team to reach the finish line will win a hundred thousand US dollars.

    I like this show because it is a good 'imitation' of the US version of The Amazing Race, which is my favourite show. This show also visited my home city of Sydney, Australia, and went to places only twenty minutes away from where I live!

    Overall, The Amazing Race Asia is a great show.