The Amazing Race Asia

(ended 2010)




  • Season 2 Episode 9: Episode 9 | Prague, Czech...

  • Roadblock: Teams traveled to Swimming Pool #4 in Prague where one member must climb a diving board 10 meters high and jump off it into the pool below to receive the next clue. Team members who performed the Roadblock in the following order: Rovilson, Collin, Vanessa, Ann, Henry, and Natasha.

  • Season 2 Episode 2: Episode 2 | Manila, Phili...

  • Roadblock: In this first Roadblock of the race, one team member had to go to a nearby field and guide a carabao through a marked course in order to complete the task. The downside was that the field was extremely muddy. If any person went off the course, then they would have to start over.

  • Arrival Order:
    #1. Marc and Rovilson
    #2. Paula and Natash
    #3. Ann and Diane
    #4. Pam and Van
    #5. Adrian and Collin
    #6. Brett and Kinar
    #7. Sophie and Aurelia
    #8. Sawaka and Daichi
    #9. Henry and Trinidad
    #10. Edwin and Monica (Eliminated)

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Episode 1 | Manila, Phili...

  • Additional Tasks:

    -For their first task, teams received a postcard that depicts one of Singapore's many national icons. Teams then had to search for a specific taxi cab with the souvenir from their postcard and that taxi driver would hand them their next clue. (Singapore)

    - At the Mount Faber route marker, teams picked up a Nokia N nintey five phone and used its GPS system to guide their Taxi Driver to their next location, Suntec City. (Philippines)

    -At the Plaza Miranda, teams faced the final task in which they were required to eat eight baluts from an egg-seller's store before receiving their next clue from the egg seller. (Philippines)

  • Unlike the first season, this season provides a new twist known as the 'Intersection' where teams are forced to pair up with another until further notice. This season's 'Intersection' appears on the eighth leg.

  • There was neither a Fast Forward or Yield in this leg of the race.

  • Detour: In this Detour teams had to choose between "Dare" or "Stair". In "Dare", teams had to take an elevator to the top (fourty five storey) of the Suntec Tower three and then use a rope-and-pulley system to traverse across to the adjacent Tower four while suspended one hundred and eighty one metres (five hundred and ninety four feet) above the ground.
    In "Stair", teams had to climb up fourty five floors to the rooftop of Tower three and then descend and head to Tower four and again climb up fourty five floors before receiving their next clue.
    Most teams chose the "Dare" option but both tasks were extremely physical.

    Most teams chose "Dare" but both tasks were regarded as extremely physical.

  • There was no Roadblock in this leg.

  • Teams finished in the following order:

    #1. Pamela & Vanessa
    #2. Marc & Rovilson
    #3. Ann & Diane
    #4. Brett & Kinaryosih
    #5. Sophie & Aurelia
    #6. Paula & Natasha
    #7. Adrian & Colin
    #8. Daichi & Sawaka
    #9. Terri & Henry
    #10.Edwin & Monica (Marked for Elimination; must arrive first on the next leg of the race or they'll incur a 30-minute penalty).

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Episode 12 | Dubai

  • Team check-in order:

    #1. Andrew and Syeon
    #2. Zabrina and Joe Jer
    #3. Francesca and Sandy
    #4. Mardy and Marsio (Eliminated)

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Episode 11 | Dubai

  • The second and final Yield appeared on this leg, but wasn't used.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Episode 10 | Delhi, India

  • This was the first double-length-leg of the Asian edition of The Amazing Race, therefore containing a second Detour, a second Roadblock, while the second half of the leg also contained the first ever Yield to exist on The Amazing Race Asia.

  • Sandy & Francesca chose to use their Yield on Andy & Laura during this leg.

  • Team check-in order:

    #1. Francesca & Sandy
    #2. Mardy & Marsio
    #3. Andrew & Syeon
    #4. Zabrina & Joe Jer
    #5. Laura & Andy (Eiminated)

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Episode 9, Virtual Pit St...

  • This is the first time on the series where an episode ended with a team reaching the mat and being told that the leg has not ended and that they were to continue racing. Andy and Laura reached the pitstop by the end of the episode and received a clue from Allan. They were told that the leg is still not over and they have to continue racing.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Episode 8 | Krabi, Thailand

  • Roadblock: In this Roadblock, one team member must climb up the towering face of Railey East 123 Wall to retrieve their next clue at the top. Andrew, Andy, Sandy, Zabrina and Sahran successfully completed this task for their respective teams.

  • Fast Forward: In this Fast Forward, teams must travel by boat to Pranang Bay. Once there, they must use a kayak and search for the correct clue hidden amongst the many caves near the area.

    Mardy and Marsio successfully completed the task, allowing them to head directly to the pitstop.

  • Detour: In this Detour, teams must choose between Smash or Grab. In Smash, teams must smash through 75 coconuts using only a hammer, until they find one which is filled with red ink. Once they find the coconut, they may receive their next clue. Sandy and Francesca were the only ones who managed to successfully complete this task. In Grab, teams would have to snorkel and swim around 100 buoys which contain 100 clues to find their next clue. However, only 10 of the 100 clues contain the correct clue. Andrew and Syeon, Andy and Laura, Zabrina and Joe Jer and Howard and Sahran successfully completed this task.

  • Arrival Order:
    #1. Mardy & Marsio
    #2. Andy & Laura
    #3. Sandy & Francesca
    #4. Andrew & Syeon
    #5. Zabrina & Joe Jer
    #6. Howard & Sahran

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Episode 7 | Singapore and...

  • Detour: The Detour was to choose between Bacon or Eggs. In Bacon, teams must find marked tuk-tuks on Larn Luang Road and then direct their tuk-tuk drivers to drive them to a pig monument. Teams are allowed to ask for directions from locals. Andrew and Syeon, Howard and Sahran, Mardy and Marsio and Zabrina and Joe Jer successfully completed this task. In Eggs, teams find an egg stall. Once there, they must use a trolley to deliver 26 trays of eggs to a nearby egg market. However, if any eggs are broken, teams must go back and re-deliver the amount of broken eggs. Andy and Laura and Sandy and Francesca successfully completed this task.

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