The Amazing Race Australia

Season 2 Episode 1

Season 2, Episode 1 | Daraga, The Philippines

Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 30, 2012 on Seven Network

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  • Superb premiere.

    This wa s a great start to Season 2! My favourite teams are the three NSW teams (Lucy & Emilia, Joseph & Grace and Michelle & Jo) not necessarily because they are sfrom NSW though. :P

    The first task of the race was relatively interesting, with a massive game of getting the car out of the maze. Reminded me of an oiPod game I had once... However, since everyone got equalised, the task was rather pointless... :/

    The balut task was rather disgusting. Noway I could've done it. It looked too vile. Can't believe some of thsoe secnes, particularly Grace!!! <333

    The Dtour was not too great. The Pig task resulted in absolutely hilarious moments, but the Jig seeemed way to difficult, so the tasks weren't evenly created unfortunately. :/ If the cheerleaders had to switch, then that Detour needs to be fixed.

    The raft-building was extremely interesting, though, and it shook up the order immensely! I'm thrilled at Ross & Tarryn's win, as they were able to spare my Italian goddesses from an untimely elimination! <333

    The Salvage Pass is a seim-interesting twist I think. I still believe that Ross & Tarryn should also have received an Express Pass too, though.

    Overall, a great start to RSeason 2 of TARAus!!! Keep it up! I love all the teams except I'm disliking Sue & Teresa and I simply hate the alphas, or whatever they're called...