The Amazing Race Australia

Season 2 Episode 12

Season 2, Episode 12 | Fraser Island, Australia

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 15, 2012 on Seven Network

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  • Great conclusion!

    This was the perfect ending to TARAus 2! The most deserving team was crowned the winners, and the finale was really exciting!

    The tasks in China weren't too great, although I kinda like the Teach./Learn task that was recycled from TAR12's Burkina Fsao leg.

    I'm not a big fan of those challenges where one team member puts in some answers and the other team member has to guess - simply because this exact challenge completely screwed the outcome of TAR11. But it had some interesting implications today!

    The Memory Chlallenge seemed really easy from my point of view! And Paul the self-proclaimed genius was a complete failure, which was satisfying to watch!

    So happy that Shane & Andrew won! They really deserevd it, and it is a great outcome! Can't wait to see Season 3, and more importantly - can't wait till I'm old enough to race as well!