The Amazing Race Australia

Season 2 Episode 3

Season 2, Episode 3 | Jaipur, India

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 14, 2012 on Seven Network

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  • One of the most unique ROadblocks ever!

    Firstly, thef first Roadblock of the leg was pretty poor, directly compied from TAR10's Chennai leg, so that pretty much disappointed me, although there were some hilarious moments, particualrly with Team Groseph! <333

    The pot delivery was hilarious! A tought task for sure! Lucy & Emilisa's confessional about how Lucy wouldn't tell the kids to stop knocking off pots was just hilarious! The whole task was fun, but Paul & Steve seriously need a penalty! One of the dirtiest moves I have seen in a long time.

    The seconds Roadblock was incredible! So well sdeisgned and so well planned! Such a beautiful location and such as interesting challenge! Incredibly done! Very unqiue!

    I was surprised, however, that one team member was permitted to complete both RBs. That was weird.

    All up, amazing episode! Not too sad to see the Hairdressers go. They were boring aside from their spray, and I am super relieved that Lucy & Emilia are alive, although they will seemilngly be arrested next week, lol! :P