The Amazing Race Australia

Season 2 Episode 4

Season 2, Episode 4 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 20, 2012 on Seven Network

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  • Very interesting!

    A highly entertainign episode, that's for sure!

    The Voting U-Turn was interesting. I'm not a big fan of it in general, but on this particular race I will be enjoying it, as I have a hunch that Paul & Steve will be the victims of it every single time. I hope it gets scrapped for future seasons, thoguh, lol.

    The Detour was good! Not the most unique and interesting tasks, but it was still interesting and fun to watch! Everyone getting stuck in the sand was hilarious for sure, especially Lucy & Emilia and Groseph!!! My first instinct would have been to perform the camels, though.

    The water park thing was not very interesting, but there were some funny comments about ti, even from Paul & Steve about rolling a gutterball equivalent. I believe there was an uniared Raodblock at the water park, so it's a shame that the task got cropped out. :/

    The horse betting was unique for sure, but a completely luck-based task to essentially determine who goes home is always a big no-no, for sure! We don't need another Lena & Kristy type of incdient, for sure. It would've been better suited at the beginning of the leg.

    Lucy & Emilia's arrest was hilarious. These girls are hilarious!!! One of the most entertaining teams ever!!! And they are just somehow hanging in there, lol! 11th, 10th, 9th and 8th, and I so hope they continue to bottomfeed!!! <333

    Keep it up, TARAus! Season 2 is going great! I just hope it stays that way! :)