The Amazing Race

Season 6 Episode 13

4 Continents, 24 Cities, 40,000 Miles

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The four remaining teams take off from the previous Pit Stop in Shanghai and receive a clue telling them to travel by train 800 miles to Xi'an where they must then find the Drum Tower. They then take part in a Detour which involves either choosing the Spray task (traveling 34 miles and then spray-painting a car) or the Scroll task (traveling 31 miles and searching for Chinese characters in bolts of fabric.) All teams choose to spray the cars and then travel 40 miles to the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum. One team misdirects another but in the end, all travel to a Roadblock at the North Peak where one team member must be very methodical to find a key to a lock. Some team members allow themselves to become extremely frustrated, leading to a surprise for this leg. One team is penalized for not attempting to complete the Roadblock and are eliminated leaving
the final three.

The three teams then continue in the final leg, bound for the finish line. They receive a clue telling them to travel 5,600 Miles to Honolulu, Hawaii and then find the Lookout Peak at the Pua'a Ka'a State Park. Once they arrive, the teams find a Detour --- Outfits (choose mannequins and then find matching outfits) or Outriggers (paddle a canoe along a two-mile course.)
Later, teams face their final Roadblock of the season which requires the chosen team member to skydive from about 12,000 feet.
After that, teams are then instructed to fly to their final destination: Chicago, USA, where it all began. Once there teams face off in the last challenge which requires both members to eat pizza full of bad flavors.
Ultimately, the results of this edition of The Amazing Race came down to missed flight opportunities and an unfortunate passing train which left one lucky team to cross the finish line first.moreless

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  • Kris and Jon- Best team to never win

    - always positive

    - strong team

    - loved each other

    - Actually bothered to enjoy themselves
  • As Season 6 ended with the worst possible team to win the big bucks, it still outplayed the other seasons

    Firstly, this review isn't really to do with this episode but on the whole season.

    I'm annoyed that Freddy and Kendra won because Kris and Jon deserved to win because of their outstanding efforts and they were very kind people but this is one of the seasons where the lucky team wins and that's what made it nerve-wracking. It was a superb final all the way through especially when being Eliminated after a frustrating Roadblock in China, Aaron proposed to Haydon which was the first time that has ever happened on tar which then determined the final three teams. The challenges were extraordinary like when teams had to sky dive in Hawaii from 11,000 feet. The end was tough how teams had to eat a pizza filled with bad flavors which sent the lucky team to win but Adam and Rebbecca remained behind. This resulted in Freddy & Kendra's win. Overall I'd have to say this would've been the best edition of the race to date because of it's unpredictable moments, the emotional times like the slave house part in Goree, Senagal, the good challenges that teams would face, the scenery of Europe especially and the fact that I think this one had something that the first 5 seasons didn't have. I cannot wait for the next series to begin... Both the previous season and this one were superb but Season 6 (this series) will always be top of me list unless the upcoming seasons really show more...moreless

    Freddy & Kendra are the most undeserving winners of the amazing race, even more so than Flo in season 3. Their constant moaning at each other and their surroundings showed them up for the small, selfish, petty people they really are. While Kris & John took every opportunity to embrace local cultures and enjoy themselves, Kendra, whilst in the back of a taxi in Dhaka, Senegal, described the drivers hometown as \"wretched and disgusting.\"

    I understand why studio exec\'s might think teams in conflict may provide more compelling viewing than couples getting along and working together, but atleast Hayden & Aaron were entertaining and appeared to be worthwhile human beings (if a little tightly wound in the case of Hayden).

    This was the most entertaining and exciting edition of the race to date, although the editing would have us believe the way to succeed is through arguing and name-calling, the reality is somewhat different. Lena & Kristy formed a strong unit until halted by cruel luck, Adam & Rebecca enjoyed their best success when co-operating (and she was worth the money on her own), and Kris & John, while criminally short of air-time, consistently placed highly at each pit stop and never lost their composure. Even when a freight train got in the way of their deserved win (and a cool million) they never stopped smiling, which was a pleasure to see and a welcome relief from nails-on-a-chalkboard Kendra & fountain-of-wisdom Freddy, responsible for such sage advise as to tell Kendra to \"chew\" her pizza, as opposed to what exactly, swallow it whole, great idea poindexter!moreless
  • Least favorite season of the bunch!

    Of all the seasons of TAR, this is by far, the least favorite. Not just IMO, but also in the fans. There were just no personalities with the exceptions of the Grandparents as well as Gus and his daughter. Just wanted to grab the you know what out of Jonathan and shake the you know what out of him. Because of the way he treated his wife. I mean they made it to third place and he is portrayed as a wife abuser. She needs to leave him asap. Or else she will be like a Nicole Brown Simpson.moreless
Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller

Eliminated 6th with Jonathan (Season Six)

Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Jonathan Baker

Jonathan Baker

Eliminated 6th with Victoria (Season Six)

Lori Chestnut Harvey

Lori Chestnut Harvey

Eliminated 7th with Bolo (Season Six)

Bolo Dar'Tainian

Bolo Dar'Tainian

Eliminated 7th with Lori (Season Six)

Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca Cardon

Second Runner Up with Adam (Season Six)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • The teams finished in the following order in the first leg of this episode:

      #1. Kris and Jon (Prize: Vacation to the Sunny Caribbean, Courtesy
      #2. Freddy and Kendra
      #3. Adam and Rebecca
      #4. Hayden and Aaron (Third to Arrive, Did Not Complete Roadblock; 4-Hour Penalty; ELIMINATED)

      The teams finished in the following order in the second leg of this episode:

      #1. Freddy and Kendra
      #2. Kris and Jon
      #3. Adam and Rebecca

    • Freddy and Kendra are the winners of the sixth run of The Amazing Race.

    • This race started and ended in the same place: Chicago, Illinois.

    • Phil does not explain the mandatory rest period during the second leg, skipping a customary practice.

    • After being eliminated, Aaron gets down on one knee and asks Hayden to marry him, and she says yes. This is the first time there has been a proposal on The Amazing Race.

    • Freddy & Kendra arrived at the finish line, only seven minutes before Kris & Jon.

    • There were no Yields on these two legs, as all three of this season's Yields were already on previous legs. In addition, both Fast Forwards have already been used on their designated previous legs.

    • Balance Sheet 2: Freddy and Kendra move up from second to first. Kris and Jon move down from first to second. Adam and Rebecca remain in last.

    • Balance Sheet 1: Kris and Jon move up from third to first. Freddy and Kendra remain in second. Adam and Rebecca move up from fourth to third. Hayden and Aaron move down from first to last and are eliminated.

    • All of the teams that won individual legs during the season had an overall finish no lower than fifth.

    • Roadblock: (Hawaii)

      In Hawaii, this Roadblock required one team member to skydive 11,000 feet in tandem with an instructor, landing on a sandbar where their next clue waited.

      Jon, Adam and Freddy took the plunge for their teams.

    • Roadblock: (China) At Mount Hua, China, one team member had to take a unique key given to them in the clue envelope and find the specific lock that it opened, out of 3,000 locks fastened to the top of the mountain by couples as a symbol of their internal love. Teams were required to complete the task before the last gondola departed at 7 P.M.

      Kris, Kendra, Rebecca and Hayden all elected to perform the task for their teams. The first three eventually found their locks, but after a long search with no luck, Hayden gave up and accepted the four hour penalty for their team, a decision that ultimately led to their elimination. Rebecca also had almost given up because it was approaching 7 P.M., when the last gondola was schedule to leave. At the last moment, Rebecca opened her lock.

    • Detour (Hawaii):
      Kris/Jon chose "Outfits", where they drove ten miles to a clothing store, searched it for the clothing matching that on a mannequin, then put it on themselves to get their clue.
      Freddy/Kendra and Adam/Rebecca chose "Outriggers", where they drove six miles to a boat club and had to navigate an outrigger canoe along a two-mile course.

    • Detour (China):
      All teams chose "Spray", where they travelled 34 miles to a car factory, then had to spray paint the body of a car to receive their next clue.
      No team chose "Scroll", where they would have travelled 31 miles to then search bolts of fabric for some Chinese characters.

    • At the start of the episode, Phil introduced Shang Hai as the 11th Pit Stop of the race. In actualitly, it was the 10th because the double leg in Budapest, which threw the count off. At the start of the second half, he introduced Xi'an which was actually the 11th Pit Stop.

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    • Adam: I feel like Michael Keaton in Gung Ho.
      Gung Ho was an acclaimed 1986 comedy about Michael Keaton as a liason for a Japanese car company which bought out an American plant.