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The Amazing Race

Season 17 Episode 8

Ali Baba in a Suit

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2010 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The six remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg, Russia and fly to Muscat, Oman. Their first stop leads to a truly engaging wait to climb Burj Al Mubkaharah. The Roadblock at Jabel Shams forces racers to rappel 500' and search hundreds of Arabian lamps for the few with Aladdin's ring. Atop a stack of collosal books in Nizwa awaits a Detour choice between pumping from the "Water Table" and making a delivery or purchasing ingredients and cooking a traditional soup to place on a bridal party's "Wedding Table". A final Route Marker task to deliver frankincense to Ali Baba in Muttrah Souq provides the clue to the Pit Stop at Al Alam Palace.moreless

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  • Sad sad ending as an undeserving team gets sent home

    This episode was fantastic, as the six remaining teams travelled to Muscat, Oman for the second visit in TAR history. I enjoyed this, and it was surprising to see Chad & Stephanie sleep through their Pit Stop period in Russia, but they did learn from it.

    Teams caught similar flights to Oman and all caught up with one another at the overnight sleep out.

    Unfortunately for Gary & Mallory, they got lost through Oman and never caught up, sealing their fate.

    It was great to see Chad propose to Stephanie during a rest period of the leg, and it was the first time it has ever happened since Hayden & Aaron in TAR6.

    The Roadblock was surely a frightening task, as the deserts of Oman really have no rescue or guides in miles. The teams descended into the abyss, but ultimately triumphed tasting victory at the end of the task.

    The stack of books was cool, and it was a great place to place a clue for a leg of The Amazing Race.

    The Detour task was also very nice, as teams got down and dirty with a potentially difficult water transportation task. No one selected the other side of the Detour, sadly.

    It was sad to see Gary & Mallory go home at the end, but not too much as I know those two get a second chance to play The Amazing Race in the next season.

    It was a great episode all around, with some spectacular scenery of Oman.moreless
  • I couldn't help but shed a tear when Gary & Mallory were sent home. Great episode, on the whole!

    This was a terrific episode of The Amazing Race, and it startic off with a catastrophe as Chad & Stephanie overslept their starting departure time.

    I thought the proposal was very sweet, and it certainly seems to haev unified their team, and it may work wonders i n the coming legs.

    The Road Block was scintillating1! I never knew hw beautiful the deserts of Oman were! Some amazing scenery was shown within this episode!

    The Stack of Books were really cool! Who knew that they had something so cool! Also, the Detour was good, but I did not enjoy the fact that one choice was not selected.

    There was an interesting dynamic to this leg, because there were two teams fighting for first and second, tewo teams fighting for third adn fourth and two teams fighting for fifth ansd sixth.

    These battles actually were closer than I initially thought! A well-rounded episode! It was sort of predictable, but the challenges gwere great! And we got another awesome 'dumb' quote from Nick & Vicki!

    Keep it up guys! I hope either Nat & Kat, Nick & Vicki or Brook & Claire pull it off and win the race!moreless
  • Very, very, very sad elimination. Great job on the team who got FIRST!

    I was sad to see Gary & Mallory go, they got 2nd three times in a row, fell down the last leg, and this leg fell to last.

    1st Place: Chad & Stephanie - Proposed to Stephanie, overslept 2 hours, later flight, and manage to get first?!? That's a miracle! Great job! Also, you guys were in a head-to-head race with Chad & Stephanie.

    2nd Place: Jill & Thomas - I was screaming happily that you both got penalized. This is one of the times Thomas is outsmarted.

    3rd Place: Nick & Vicki - So you guys felt like you were in a head-to-head race with Brook & Claire to survive elimination? Well, neither of you were in last!

    4th Place: Brook & Claire - Entertaining to see you hug Phil! Great job!

    5th Place: Nat & Kat - Wow! You both seem to always almost face elimination. Great job!

    Last Place: Gary & Mallory - Very sad to see you both leave. I will miss Mallory. Your speech at the end was meaningful and nice. I couldn't stop crying!

    Did you notice all the dating couples are in the top 3 of this leg?moreless
  • From two hours oversleeping to first place... Incredible episode..

    Ok so this episode was really unpredictable... The first place, the elimination(I thought it was going to be Nick and Vicki)...At the same time, although the challenges were decent, some teams took to much time to finish because of mistakes such as not asking the proper person, getting lost due to not paying attention, paying the taxi drive to show them the way....

    The challenges didn't seem that rough to me...They were pretty average, hardest seemed going the right way...

    But the most important aspect was the fact that this leg of the race showed there isn't a clear winner...Nat and Kat barely avoided elimination( 3 times winners), Brooke and Claire finish 4th, Nick and Vicky still in the race...

    If I'd have to pick an eliminated team just before the final I'd say Jill and Thomas.moreless
  • We have it all. **SPOILERS**

    Okay, the episode begins as usual: people are starting their leg of the race..but wait we have a team missing. Chad and Stephanie oversleep for almost two and a half hours. Gotta run to catch up, guys!

    Was one of the best legs of this season so far, the only negative I have is that I think the detours and road blocks are becoming way too easy for them. The show's production have to come up with better and more creative tasks for the teams to do. Remember those road blocks where people started to get really frustrated and quit, or they would start yelling at each other?! THOSE were the real challenges!

    AMAZING recover from the sleepy couple. Started in last, with a huge amount of time to catch up to the other teams. And what you know?! They do catch up and still managed to get in FIRST place. OH, and let's not forget the engagement in the middle of it all. Kudos to Jill and Thomas for screwing up and having to wait 30 minutes till they could check in again. Downlow of the episode was that the father and daughter team was eliminated. Really made me sad after Michael and Kevin went home.

    Favorites anyone??moreless

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