The Amazing Race

Season 23 Episode 11

Amazing "Crazy" Race

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2013 on CBS

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  • Well at least the team i hated lost out

    japan leg:

    fine good tasks, good humour and no pointless whining or bickering. although team er doc again showed their weakness, now the fact travis gave his wife a chance to them all and they were all physical with some mental components, she failed everyone with out help.. travis was a bit of a douchbag in the way he handled the time slipping away,.. and gave her the silent treatment.. kinda glad they lost.. oops spoiler there !

    alaska leg:

    as the other reviewer says, a bit boring silly luck tasks and nothing really challenging.

    only one noteable was marie telling on the 60 40 spilt of stuff... wow what a completely greedy bitch!

    out of the three final teams the less annoying least awfull couple won, even is that woman is a total flake..
  • First half was great, second half was meh.

    Japan Episode:

    So the Japan leg was stellar. Really terrific tasks, a lot of chances to laugh, as well as a lot fo tasks to shuffle up the order.

    It was just about the best Japan leg we've had - it was close to flawless and I really enjoyed it.

    Alaska leg:

    The alaska leg was a disaster. It was way too linear 9as is the case with far too many finales) ensuring that the team who took the early lead was guaranteed to win. Again there was too much luck in the finale - I cannot stand luck tasks in finales - that stuff should be contained to the first 11 legs of the race. It has no place in the decider. The clues in the ice was all luck, and the dropping of the thing off the plane was all luck. One person hit it on their 2nd try and the race was effectively over.

    Admittedly it did get exciting when the lead shrunk at the final task, but the result was unfortunately locked up within the first 10 minutes.

    Disappointing finale, as usual...