The Amazing Race

Season 6 Episode 10

Are There Instructions on Donkey Handling?

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2005 on CBS
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The teams continue from their Pit Stop on the island of Corsica, France to the town of Nice by ferry, where they then receive a clue telling them to get to Addis Ababa in Africa by plane.
The teams tussle for flights at the airport, but chartered planes place them all no more than within a half-hour's distance of each other.
Once in Addis Ababa, they receive a clue telling them that they must direct their taxi drivers to Lewz Village. Once they accomplish this, they find a Detour that involves two Ethiopian activities: Raise the Roof or Mud the Flat. In Raise the Roof, teams must carry a thatched roof two-thirds of a mile with the help of locals. In Mud the hut, teams had to successfully mud a hut until it was completely covered with mud. The first option seems to be the faster choice as one team member injures herself by cutting her fingers while Mudding the hut. Another person suffers from a mild asthma attack.
Next, the teams take donkeys to Saint George's Church, where teams discover a Yield, the second of three on the race.

The Roadblock for this leg requires the chosen team member to go in and receive a pendant and then search a crowd of one hundred worshippers for a match.
All teams struggle with the possibility of being Yielded and the maybe the next one to go. One team was Yielded but eventually catches up to the rest of the pack. In the end, one was unable to catch up and are eliminated.moreless

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  • Competition is raised, and the challenges become more intense

    The six remaining teams began the leg at La Pietra, where they had left off. They continued to Nice by ferry to reach their next clue instructing them to fly back to Africa but this time, to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    I like episodes where teams go to countries in which there is poverty because it actually shows us what it'd be like to live like this and in places similar.

    Since Haydon and Aaron were stripped of all their money from the last leg, the other teams would have a great advantage over them except for Adam and Rebecca who are having constant problems with their on again, off again relationship. This episode to me was regarded: very interesting, suspenseful, frustrating but at the same time it was quite nice to see all the Ethiopian people were generally kind to the teams. Now, guessing that this season has a total of three or four non-elimination legs (even though Phil says three I read four and saw the early show for this season revealing three or four), someone would most likely be going home tonight. Tension was on...

    At a fun but challenging Detour, Victoria cut her hands in the 'Mud The Hut' task which sent both herself and Kendra into a rage! "Jonathan, help her!" - I agree! After seeing that, I would have selected 'Raise The Roof'. Another exciting thing was when the Yield came into play. In a high game of running, Adam and Rebbecca Yielded Freddy and Kendra instead of Jonathan and Victoria who were at the back of the pack. Freddy & Kendra deserved it, I dislike Kendra.

    The Roadblock was an extremely great event like no other, and it was one of the more memorable challenges.

    Jonathan was changing slowly but this leg marked the end of the road for them... Well Kendra still made it without getting eliminated, even worse. The Roadblock required teams to complete a task known as 'An eye for detail'.

    It was a nice challenge but when the final team arrived at the Pit Stop, with a whole crowd of Ethiopian worshippers, very emotional. It was Jonathan and Victoria who finished in last place. Jonathan, hoping that this was a non-elimination leg, was not as angry or sad as he could be upon getting eliminated. Despite their bickering, they were hilarious, great and I'll miss them. Overall, a very great episode full of frustration, emotion, high suspense and a hell of a nice task design.moreless
Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller

Eliminated 6th with Jonathan (Season Six)

Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Jonathan Baker

Jonathan Baker

Eliminated 6th with Victoria (Season Six)

Lori Chestnut Harvey

Lori Chestnut Harvey

Eliminated 7th with Bolo (Season Six)

Bolo Dar'Tainian

Bolo Dar'Tainian

Eliminated 7th with Lori (Season Six)

Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca Cardon

Second Runner Up with Adam (Season Six)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Hayden and Aaron (Prize: Vacation to Exotic Mexico, courtesy
      #2. Lori and Bolo.
      #3. Kris and Jon.
      #4. Freddy and Kendra.
      #5. Adam and Rebecca.
      #6. Jonathan and Victoria. (ELIMINATED)

    • Yield: The Yield was made available in this episode. This was the second of three in this entire season and was used by Adam & Rebecca on Freddy & Kendra. Also the two Fast Forwards in this season have been used so there are none available.

    • Lori/Bolo managed to get a flight to Rome at night, but were joined in the morning by Jonathan/Victoria, Adam/Rebecca, and Kris/Jon to share a flight on to Addis Ababa.
      Hayden/Aaron and Freddy/Kendra travelled in the morning via Zurich and Cairo.

    • This was the first time that a team who used the Yield was beaten by the team they Yielded. Adam/Rebecca Yielded Freddy/Kendra, however, Freddy/Kendra finished fourth while Adam/Rebecca finished fifth.

    • Balance Sheet: Hayden and Aaron move up from sixth to first. Lori and Bolo move up from third to second. Kris and Jon move up from fourth to third. Freddy and Kendra move down from second to fourth. Adam and Rebecca move down from first to fifth. Jonathan and Victoria move down from fifth to last and are eliminated

    • Freddy and Kendra are one of only two teams to win The Amazing Race after being Yielded. The other was Eric and Danielle during season 11.

    • Roadblock: The teams were given the clue "An eye of detail?" to help determine who should participate in this leg's Roadblock.

      On this Roadblock one team member had to walk down into the 850-year-old St. George's Church carved into the rock hillside of Labilela, Ethiopia. After receiving a pendant from the head priest, the team member was required to search among over 100 worshippers for the person wearing the matching pendant. When they found the match, the worshipper would hand them their next clue.

      Here is a list of all the people who completed this Roadblock:

      Haydon, Victoria, Adam, Freddy, Kris and Lori

    • In this leg the check-in mat was a tan colored mat with a map of the world shown in black, instead of green (reminiscent of the Season 1 mats.)

    • Detour:
      Adam/Rebecca, Hayden/Aaron, and Kris/Jon chose "Raise the Roof", where they were helped by locals to carry a thatched roof frame two-thirds of a mile and place it atop the frame of a hut.
      Jonathan/Victoria, Freddy/Kendra, and Lori/Bolo chose "Mud the Hut", where they had to use a mud-based plaster to completely cover the outside wall of a hut.

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