The Amazing Race

Season 24 Episode 1

Back in the Saddle

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2014 on CBS

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  • Yes i am still here people !!

    well looks like i hate half of the teams already,

    afgans, twinnies, the youtubers, jenniifer and john, brachel and the country singers.

    my reasons some of them are like bad actors, just plain annoying and stupid or seem to constantly high off their tits.

    shame about bopper but only so much slack jawed yokels i kind stand anyway ;)

    good to see the rest of the teams. even the globe trotters and the cowboys i do hope the father and son do better after the achiles issue last time.

    i also hope the deaf kid and is mom win some thing to make it worth their time :P

    on to the tasks:

    first opener a luck based task in the ucla stadium, looking for people with a certain hat .

    standard and kinda boring.

    second task get on the plane and look for a wedding dress shop choice of two becasue each one only has a set number of clues,

    interesting idea but a lame get here for a clue and leave again.

    then the bubbles

    a standard bottle neck task, where it takes time should you make the wrong choice, once again showing up how stupid teams are, yes even mallory found it some how it shows the afgans getting it instantly...

    then on to roadblock with a supposedly unbiased judge task.

    go up high and spin around , then on to philimination !

    so nothing special nothing too boring nothing to exciting either.
  • Karma is alive!!!!!!

    I hated the "twinnies" the first time they were around, specially when they stole the money from James and "Abba" (wish they were on this season. Now that would have been the icing on the cake).

    Hated seeing them back, loved to watch them leave :)
  • I simply score it a ten because the dsigusting team is gone.

    Not the most exciting of TAR premiers tbh. The drama at the start line was interesting and the look on people's faces was hilarious as queen Mallory reappeared! Sad for Bopper though. He deserved to be here more than 90% of the others.

    Jet & Cord were bearable and at times likeable which is a strange thing but a plus nonetheless. The Afghan/Twinnie duo is like two of the worst teams ever working together, and it going down in flames was brilliant.

    Tasks were not great - only the one Roadblock really. But I loved the episode simply because it tastes so good watching the twins leave on Leg 1. Very satisfying!
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