The Amazing Race

Season 22 Episode 11

Beacon of Hope

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 05, 2013 on CBS

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  • odd start, but not bothered as like all 3 teams

    8 hours on a ferry completely skipping liverpool and then they have to order a pint ? then it's back to usa ?

    why not do a drinking challenge or even a beer pouring ? like a guiness thats irish !

    really a luck based task ? oh right completely randomising the winners great a change from the last few seasons having the 'quickest/fittest/ best taxi/ best use of google/ best use of memory'...

  • 10 for Part One. 5 for Part Two. Averages out to about a 7.5.

    Let's review the two legs separately.

    Leg 11:

    This leg was spectacular and the third consecutive stunning European leg! The events that transpired were intense, although the struggle of the blondes was painful to watch. The Detour was stunning a dn so many errors were made! It was just so great to watch!

    A flawless leg for mine, with a disappointing ending for sure.

    Leg 12:

    Despite the fact that I hated the winning team, I thought the episode was awful anyway, because how on earth can you place a luck challenge on the final leg? I don't understand it. That briefcase challenge worked great on TAR8 when it was used on Leg 2, but it does not belong in a finale. Luck tasks have no place in a finale. They might as well have just spun a wheel or flipped a coin or something, because that challenge determined the outcome of the whole season.

    Luck challenges have no place on finales. It's an awful way to end waht was truly a deecnt season.
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