The Amazing Race

Season 23 Episode 4

Beards in the Wind

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2013 on CBS

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  • Mixed feelings.

    The episode had its positives and negatives, from my point of view. The positives were the uniqueness of the leg - north of the Arctic Circle with a leg transpiring at late night, yet still being bright as day. It was bizarre! And that made it memorable!

    What was negative for me were the tasks. The fish heads were kind of disgusting. And not one but BOTH Detours were dealing with all that. Perhaps I'd be happier if the fish was one Detour and they did something else as the other option to give teams some choice, othrwise they're not actually choosing between two tasks - just two ways of doing a similar task...

    The Roadblock was also just a heights thing. Not particularly memorable. The Ford product placement was inevitable at some point this season these days, but thiankfully it was only the last task and didn't take too much time. However, I liked this task because it had room for error, as we saw with Tim & Marie, so it was better than other product placement tasks we've had in recent years.

    The Keep Racin g was somewhat a surprise, but the best part of the episode was the inter-team drama.

    I feel like the drama between teams is making this season much better than it actually would have been otherwise, so hopefully that keeps up.

    Fascinated to see the U-Turn drama unfold next week, as well as the outcome of Tarvis & Nicole's power play.