The Amazing Race

Season 11 Episode 2

Beauty Is Sometimes Skin Deep

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2007 on CBS
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The teams take off from their Pit Stop, an active volcano at Mirador Cotopaxi. They receive a clue instructing them to travel 7,400 miles to Santiago, Chile and then take a taxi for 17 miles to the headquarters of Codelco. There, the teams take part in a Roadblock that is ultimately rendered largely meaningless when they all make the same flight traveling 230 miles to Chuquicamatta in Calama, Chile. Once at their destination, the teams put on their safety gear and take part in a Detour that requires them to choose between two tasks traditionally involved in Chilean mining operations. The teams then use marked vehicles to travel the treacherous Valley of the Moon before emerging on safer ground and heading for the Pit Stop at the Valley of the Dead. One team makes a crucial mistake by failing to properly read a clue and posted signs regarding a speed limit. Due largely to this mistake, they fall behind and are eliminated from the race.moreless

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  • Yet again, another average leg of TAR, it was good but the end was shocking

    So far out of what I've seen of this All-Star Edition I'm not too impressed to be honest.

    The downside was that the episode was rushed through once again and the race just seems to be out of TAR style. I think that Kevin & Drew are absolute idoits because of their behaviour and the challenges are just: Weird. A few of my friends that watch this say that this season is very disapointing. I'm just on the line that this show is on It's downfall because as the seasons go by, the excitement just decreases. This leg's Roadblock was the best challenge of this leg, it made some team members very frustrated. But eventually, all completed it.

    Take a look at Seasons 5, 6, 7, 9 and maybe 10. They were awesome wern't they? Great teams, locations and suspense! What has happened? All I'm saying Is that this season is not producing the good episodes that it used to. The worst part was the Elimination! Kevin & Drew are strange! Phil tries to tell them the bad news and they don't seem to care! BOY! I'm glad they're out.

    Guessing who will be eliminated next: I'd say either: David & Mary, Dustin & Kandice or Charla & Mirna.

    As for the conclusion of this review I'd say that what we're seeing of Season 11 is not satisfying the audience...moreless
  • Amazing race all stars episode 2.

    in this episode teams on the 2nd leg of the race the teams leave the pit stop and go to a office building in Santiago Chile at the building teams take part in one of my favorite roadblocks which is a road puzzle while their some teams are in conflict with some other teams the they go to a different city in Chile wear the take part in a detour which was about mining after that the teams make their way to the pit stop while on the way some teams have Beauty Queens get in a conflict with Charla and Mirna about a taxi driver this was a good episode of the Amazing Race the task where good and the episode was fun to watch my rating is 9.9 out of 10moreless
  • Charla and Mirna beg a cab driver to take their very last dime when they think he’s trying to take advantage of them. They’re just crazy. Isn’t Mirna like a lawyer? Shouldn’t she be smarter than this?moreless

    The Cha Cha’s, oh I just love them. They play the game fair and always seem to be in good spirits. Sure the fights and such are fun between the other teams but them I just love watching. Rob and Amber are really playing the game. Rob always seems to have a plan no matter what is going on. He’s a smart guy. Charla and Schmirna, oh what to say… Schmirna actually yelled and Charla at one point that she didn’t have time for her go and get a step stool. What the? Jeez what a jerk.

    In the end Rob and Amber pull out their second first place finish and Drew and Kevin were sent home. I must add that in their season I really liked Drew and Kevin but this season, ugh they were awful. No, let me correct myself, it wasn’t “them” it was only Drew. What was wrong with him? He complained the whole time. He complained about mysterious injuries and then at the end when Phil told them they were eliminated Drew walks away and off the mat. Kevin and Phil stop him, he said he was going to get his hat or some such excuse. Ugh. Glad they, ie Drew got sent home.moreless
  • Missing that road sign did it for Kevin and Drew.

    You know, I just hate seeing Rombuh win all the time. I don't know how they do it... it just seems like everything goes their way. I guess that delayed flight didn't (I jumped for joy, litterally), but in the end, they did win the leg, did they not?

    Charla and Mirna seemed to have been screaming and yelling throughout the whole show. I did like them on their season, and I hoped that they would be on All-Stars. I supported them from the beginning (partly because they are from Maryland), but I think they may have lost my support. The beauty queens were right in saying that drama was Charla and Mirna's style. They did really get out of hand when they were negotiating with Dustin and Kandice. I was glad that the BQ's left Charla and Mirna without a fuss. I have to add, I didn't like Charla and Mirna's self-righteousness. I believe that Dustin and Kandice are not as immoral as Charla and Mirna believe them to be.

    Kentucky... they're nice people... I don't know... did they really have a choice in helping Charla and Mirna? I mean, if they didn't help them, they would've made enemies. And if they did help them, they could potentially receive help from them in the future. Kentucky probably doesn't want their help now, though. You can't blame Charla and Mirna for passing their "allies". This is a race... in the end, there are no alliances. Kentucky should've realized that by now. Though Mary did well in the Roadblock, so good for her.

    Those last minutes seemed very close. Lots of passing, lot of wrong turns. I was just hoping the BQ's would make it. They sure did, but Kevin and Drew did not. I didn't get to see any of TAR 1, except for the season finale, so I didn't know much about them. A lot of people liked them, though, so I guess I probably would have as well. They weren't too likeable this season, though, so I wasn't really upset that they were eliminated. Drew rubbed me the wrong way a little bit with his exit, but it's all good now. In a strange way, Drew should be proud of sticking to what he thought was the speed limit. And Kevin's leap in the beginning of the episode (when he was pulling the SUV out of the "crater") was very impressive, too.

    Some final words... well, Dustin and Kandice are my favorites, if you couldn't tell, and they are doing alright... It looks like everyone forgot how big of a threat they were except for Kentucky. I think that's why they are not doing quite as well as I think they should, the fact that not everyone is gunning to get them eliminated. Rombuh is being targeted this season. They were in the lead in the beginning of the episode, though, but I hope they finish in the top in the next episode.

    Looking forward to the next episode... from what I've seen and read, it looks like a great episode. Someone's gonna have some trouble with white water rafting... please let it be Rob =) Kidding. I don't hate him that much.moreless
  • Bye Bye Kevin & Drew

    First of all, I am impartial to Kevin & Drew leaving as they didn't look strong enough to win in the first place.

    Romber finishing 1st place again? Hm, I didn't like them the 1st time they raced, I don't like them again this time. I do have to admit though, Romber are a strong couple. Especially in this Road Block, when I thought Amber would have trouble handling the machine, they completed the task in what seemed like record time (thanks to tv editing).

    Carla & Mirna are starting to get on my nerves. Why can't they shut up and just race? I don't like their oh-we're-the-victim-and-everyone-is-against-us attitude. I also didn't like what they did to Kentucky team, and bravo to Mary for being honest about how she felt.

    I don't have any favourite team at this moment (although I've alwez liked Uchenna & Joyce, but I don't think they deserve to be in this race in the first place as they've already won the USD1.0M), but Dustin & Kandace are starting to grow on me. I liked how they manipulated Mirna & Schmirna (as Ian casually puts it) and got to them!

    Eric & Danielle, boring! Team Guido seems to lost their 'villianous' spark in this race. Or maybe they're just busy plotting some scheme to get them further in the race? Even Ian & Teri are bickering less this time. Is it just me or did Teri have a face lift?

    I like Oswald & Danny coz they are so much fun! Hope they get far in the race.

    Overall, this episode was a bit boring and much of the time are spent on the Road Block and at the air port. The Road Block was a total waste of time as all teams squared off at the airport. Too much travelling shown .. didn't really enjoy myself.

    Hope to see more ACTION next week! Till then ......moreless

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  • TRIVIA (8)

    • One of the destinations visited in this second leg was Santiago, Chile. Ironically, this was also a destination for the second leg in Season 7.

    • In this episode, David wears a shirt saying "Lost" with a picture of Phil on it, another shirt worn by The Cho Brothers (Erwin & Godwin) from Season 10.

    • Thermacare The Amazing Race All-Stars Moment of Relief: In the third season, many teams were stymied when they accidentally fueled their cars with diesel. Teri and Ian, however, used a siphon to remove the diesel and were able to quickly get back on their way.

    • Detour: In this episode, teams had a Detour choice of either By Hand or By Machine. In By Hand, they were required to secure a two-ton tire to a truck. In By Machine, each team-member had take a turn using a front-loading truck to load gravel. Joe/Bill and Rob/Amber completed the By Machine task. All other teams completed the By Hand task.

    • Rob and Amber are the first team in the history of the show to win the first two legs of the race in a row.

    • Balance Sheet: The Balance Sheet returns this season. Rob and Amber remained in first. Oswald and Danny remained in second. Joe and Bill jumped two places, going from fifth to third. Eric and Danielle remained in fourth. Uchenna and Joyce moved up two places, rising from seventh to fifth. Dustin and Kandice remained in sixth. Teri and Ian dropped four places, from third to seventh. Charla and Mirna remained in eighth. David and Mary remained in ninth, this time hanging on to avoid elimination. Kevin and Drew remained in tenth, this time resulting in elimination.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Rob and Amber (Prize: One New Offroad Motorcycle Each)
      #2. Oswald and Danny
      #3. Joe and Bill
      #4. Eric and Danielle
      #5. Uchenna and Joyce
      #6. Dustin and Kandice
      #7. Teri and Ian
      #8. Charla and Mirna
      #9. David and Mary
      #10. Kevin and Drew (ELIMINATED)

    • During the Pit Stop, Drew received medical attention for symptoms of altitude sickness. He had a headache and he was vomiting all night.

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