The Amazing Race

Season 20 Episode 3

Bust Me Right In the Head

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2012 on CBS

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  • peaked to early ?

    the hardest challenges ever shown given some interesting but imo predictable results but some really interesting choices.

    but for me rachel needs a life supply of chill pills she is litterally a hair trigger of everything goes her way shes fine quite fun and smart but one tiny miniscule thing goes against her and she almost explodes into hissy fits crying, and self destructing.... already a little tiresome... this is full on bat shit crazy..

    the bottles seemed hard but just looking at the teams lives and physique some clearly had an advantage..

    odd why rachel n dave wasted their express pass on the harp/watermelons skip but they would of been better holding back a bit and of course used it on the bottle dancing of course hindsight is a wonderfull thing :P

    shame the twins lost i liked them..
  • A truly great episode, and one of the best in a long time!!!

    Well you need great tasks in order to have a great leg of TAR, and the tasks today were some of the best we have ever seen in South America, with an epic Detour. The watermelons ws just epic! Balancing tasks are always spectacular, just like the champagne towers on TAR16, Leg 6 in France! The harp stringing was not exactly exciting, but it was something very different to anything we've seen before. Definitely a very uniqque task!!

    The Roadblock was great too! Paraguatyian bottle dancing is awesome! Once I saw that woman with 5 bottles on her head, I was like WOW and my jaw dropped! Amazing stuff! The penalty of 2 hours made the task really high stakes!

    Also a lot of suspense throughout the episode, as the elimination was unpredictable until the very end!

    Sublime episode! one of the best we've ever had! I hope this standard is maintatined!!!