The Amazing Race

Season 21 Episode 5

Chill Out, Freak

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2012 on CBS

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  • if i hear any more 'go twinny' i will go insane

    and the fact the shouted it for several minutes during the scale task and then getting some random local kid to do it as well... worse than nails on a chalkboard.. plus the fact they do it in a indian/american/srilankan accent makes it even worse...

    all the teams oddly except the rockers seemed to have completely forgotten about other people while doing the bamboo task... mayeb even they where looking around them more they wouldn't of caused such a ruccus with the locals but even then the locals seemed to have no concept of even a camera man nearly got decapitated by one of the couples.

    the token gay team should of been out but no they are the first non find them stupid, boring, creepy and all they talk about is the stupid he does this and i do ....

  • The episode was far too linear and not very gripping.

    The episode started out with a sad note, as James from the Rock Star team got some bad news from home, which was really sad. They were probably my 2nd/3rd favourites team before now, but now I just want to cheer for them even more.

    The tasks on this leg weren't bad, in reality. The Roadblock was semi0-interesting, while carrying ridiculously long bamboo sticks and almost beheading the entire population of Dhaka, Bangladesh is rather entertaining.

    I don't know what to make of Natalie & Nadiya any more. They are entertaining to watch and I loved how one of them taught the local kid to say ;Go Twinny!' but they are pretty vulgar towards some of the other teams, particularly Abbie & Ryan. I don't know...

    As for Abbie & Ryan, they've set themselves a pretty lofty goal to break Davechel's eight-leg record. They have to win every remaining leg to break that record now, and I don't think they have that in them. I expect them to win at leats 1-2 more legs based on their high performances for the race so far, but I think their goal is unachievable at the moment.

    I would've liked Josh & Brent to go home. They're pretty boring - they're not really that dislikeab;e, but they are dull.

    Ihope the race improves. This leg had very little room for the order to be shuffled, and from the moment I saw the time difference between the first two teams, I knew James & Abba had already won this leg before it had even started - barring a huge error.