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The Amazing Race

Season 5 Episode 1

Clearly, I'm More Intelligent Than You

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 06, 2004 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The teams take off from Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles. Viewers learn about a couple of interesting twists: those who finish last on non-elimination legs will be penalized and there's a new element in play called the Yield. The Yield allows a team to keep any other team from racing for a set period of time, but it can only be used once during the race. The teams scramble to catch flights, some not realizing that the flight that departs later actually arrives at their destination, Uruguay, first. The teams navigate through a series of clues, catching ferries and carrying meat to finally reach the game's first Detour: Zips or Chips. Jim is injured early, but still manages to make the fast flight. Two teams make a critical mistake and are sent away from the pit stop, but still manage to make it without being eliminated.moreless

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  • Finally found an audience!

    After four seasons of trying to find an audience, TAR finally hit paydirt with season five. As there were new teams and new personalities. I disliked Colin/Christie(But I am sure every team and fan alike did!) Loved Karen/Linda aka "The Bowling Moms" as they were the "comic relief" in that season. Loved Brandon and Nicole and Chip & Kim for being Christians.

    In all good season!
  • This season provides a new adventure with colorful teams, new twists and terrific challenges. The Amazing Race has finally found an audience and lived up to it's greatest

    This season provides a new adventure with colorful teams, twists and terrific challenges that finally found an audience.

    Oh my god. I was not expecting a premiere nearly as good as this one, It was amazing. A new group of teams began the fifth installment of The Amazing Race from Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. It includes two Christian couples, exciting new changes to the show, such as non-elimination legs and the new added penalties given to teams in the result of finishing last on one of these legs. Also, a new element for teams to use on each other called the Yield that allows them to force another team to stop racing for a pre-determined amount of time. The Fast Forwards have been decreased to just TWO on the race which in my opinion also improves the show. It stops the team in last place from just cheating their way out of elimination.

    Wow, I couldn't even begin to think that the show could ever bring about such an amazing opener. While watching the previous season, I thought the show was dead and dull because of how dull it was. Upon beginning, Jim hurt his knee badly but still but made the early flight, all the slower teams were actually surprised to be on the first flight.

    The first destination was Uruguay. Nice locations and tasks. The overnight on the island was great with teams already picking on each other. I automatically picked a couple of teams that I did not really like and they were: Alison and Donny but more Dennis and Erika. Favorite teams are Brandon and Nicole, Charla and Mirna, Kami and Karli and Jim and Marsha. Just really an incredible two hours. Tasks such as the meat carrying or the Zips in the Detour were fantastic. But please Chip and Kim, Kami and Karli, don't ever scare me like that again (failing to obtain the Detour clue). The location of the Pit Stop was stunning. The teams fought for best positions and for seats on the first ferry just to get ahead.

    The producers have done an excellent job in the beginning of this new edition. I just hope they don't place the non-elimination legs near the end again (like Seasons 3-4) or jumbled up together (like Seasons 1, 2 and 4). A bit of separation and suspense would be of great help. Overall, I was very pleased with the outcome. Dennis and Erika getting eliminated was choice. Hope Alison and Donny go out soon too. Well, a nice bunch of teams, challenges, presented twists and anything I've accidentally left out. This was fantastic and I do honestly think the boringness of the old seasons is truly over. Can't wait for next week...moreless
  • This season opener had a great selection of teams and characters. There are new rules alluded to and we can see what that is all about shortly.

    This show had more drama than most season openers as two teams did not read their clue correctly and had to go back and complete their task, and they were two of my favorite teams.

    They have a good formula for the show with their selection of candidates. I like the bowling moms, Kami and Karli, Chip and Kim a lot, I am amused by Marshall and Lance, and ambivalent on other teams.

    This season opener is just the tip of the iceberg for one of their best races. This show grows better each year, this season does not disapoint.moreless
  • The Amazing Race Season 5 Episode 1

    This season of the amazing race teams set out form Los Angeles and flight to the country of Uruguay I like the new rules with the last team getting zero money if the come last for a non-elimination leg and the yield also makes for good reality drama and I also like the how the 1st flight landed 2nd and the 2nd flight landed 1st the detour for this episode was zips or chips in zips teams had to go across the street in to a hotel and ride a zip line to the bottom in chips the play a game of roulette with 20 chips and it the lost all of them they would to the zips anyway and would have wasted a lot of time this is one of the best starts to the amazing race most of the teams are likable the next thing i thought is was funny when teams carryed the cow and when some of the teams missed and had to go all the way back to get the clue was great reality drama this was a great start to the 5th season of The Amazing Race my rating for this episdoe is 9.8 out of 10.moreless
  • New season. New rules. New couples. New twists. The show keeps evolving making it more exciting and watchable.

    With any show, the producers try fresh ideas to keep people interested. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it's a "jump the shark" moment. Season 5 was not a "jump the shark" moment. For those who thought the Fast Forward clues were too accessible, the show limited them to only two legs in the entire race.

    This is the season that introduced the infamous "Yield" in which a team can halt the progress of another team for an indeterminate period of time. Though a team can use it only once, I was surprised that it was not used often in the race. However, the moments in which the Yield is used are priceless, especially since the team yielded knows who yielded them, creating serious friction.

    This is also the season that introduced the infamous non-elimination penalty. No longer can a team finish last and get away from it. In previous seasons, the penalty for finishing last in a non-elimination legs was getting the glare of other teams for still being in the race. Now, the team is stripped of all money and unable to receive any more at the start of the leg. The season premiere does not explain this, but we get to see it in a later episode when Linda/Karen experience this (in Egypt no less). And yet, this is not as severe a penalty as the rules in Season 7 (in which all team possessions are stripped except for the passport and clothes off their backs).

    In addition to better rules, more exotic locations, this season provides even more colorful (and non-stereotypical) characters. There are a few that are variants of previous couple types (i.e. Kami/Karli was the female answer to Derek/Drew from Season 3, Chip/Kim was a typical married couple with Brandon/Nicole and Colin/Christie as your typical pretty couple), but these teams are unique and fun to watch. We have Allison who is no stranger to reality shows (Big Brother 4). Despite her friction with Donny, both make it to first place albeit by the errors of another. We have a widowed, seasoned couple who met off the internet. We have the "Bowling Moms" who are a far cry from previous mother teams. They have spunk and humor and are willing to get down and dirty to win. We have a father/adult daughter team that is not going to let a bleeding leg get in the way of winning. Who can forget Charla/Mirna? What Charla lacks in size, she make up for in ingenuity, determination, and raw passion. I didn't know whether to laugh when seeing her running in the opening run.

    The location was great. There was excitement as two team members were injured early on in the race. I held my breath counting the minutes Jim/Marsha had when they raced from the hospital (and 26 stitches to Jim's leg) to the airport to catch the flight. In this race, the nice guys do finish last, which cost Denis/Erika. It was exciting to watch how a missed clue almost cost the race for Kami/Karla and Chip/Kim as they went from first to nearly last.

    A great season start.moreless
Christie Woods

Christie Woods

Runner Up with Colin (Season Five)

Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Alison Irwin

Alison Irwin

Eliminated 2nd with Donny (Season Five)

Donny Patrick

Donny Patrick

Eliminated 2nd with Alison (Season Five)

Kami French

Kami French

Eliminated 7th with Karli (Season Five)

Karli French

Karli French

Eliminated 7th with Kami (Season Five)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Charla is the first person to run the race with a disability, dwarfism.

    • This season has Yields throughout the race, except on the final two legs.

    • This is the first and, as of the fifteenth season, the only season to visit every continent except Antarctica.

    • Alison and Donny was the only team to win a leg this season that was not in the top 3.

    • Dennis/Erika, Colin/Christie, Marshall/Lance, and Chip/Kim were on the first, but slower, flight from Los Angeles to Montevideo, Uruguay.
      Allison/Donny, Kami/Karli, Linda/Karen, Charla/Mirna, Brandon/Nicole, Jim/Marsha, and Bob/Joyce were on the second, faster flight.
      Both flights connected through Miami.

    • Alison Irwin was a contestant on Big Brother 4. She came in 2nd place, winning $100,000.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Alison and Donny (Prize: Vacation to Hawaii, compliments of AA.com)
      #2. Marshall and Lance
      #3. Linda and Karen
      #4. Bob and Joyce
      #5. Charla and Mirna
      #6. Brandon and Nicole
      #7. Colin and Christie
      #8. Chip and Kim (First to Arrive, Had to Return to Previous Route Marker)
      #9. Kami and Karli (Second to Arrive, Had to Return to Previous Route Marker)
      #10. Jim and Marsha
      #11. Dennis and Erika (ELIMINATED)

    • The "Yield" is added as a new twist that allows players to temporarily halt the progress of any one other team. No team chose to use it in this episode.

    • There was no Fast Forward on this leg of the race. This is the first episode ever of the new rules that state only two legs of the entire race will have a Fast Forward. Previous races had Fast Forwards on all but the last two legs, unless all remaining teams had used their Fast Forwards.

    • There was no Roadblock in this leg.

    • Detour:
      Linda/Karen, Allison/Donny, Bob/Joyce, Brandon/Nicole, Jim/Marsha, Colin/Christie, and Dennis/Erika chose "Zips," where they took a zipline between two hotel rooftops, 210' in the air. They then rode a second zipline down to the hotel pool. Marshall/Lance and Charla/Mirna chose "Chips," where they had 20 chips to play roulette, no more than 5 chips/spin. If they did not win, they would've been forced to then do Zips. Kami/Karli and Chip/Kim both completed Chips before finding out it was actually part of a Detour. They were required to go back and collect the route marker, but were then allowed to return the Pit Stop once they had retrieved it.

    • Chip/Kim and Mirna/Charla appeared in Battle of the Network Reality Stars, which also featured Jonathan and Victoria from Season 6. Mirna, however, was the only one to actually win.

    • Racers Christie and Nicole are both beauty pageant winners. Nicole in fact beat Christie to the title of Miss Texas USA in 2003. Christie was apparently odds-on to win, until she messed up during a televised interview round. Asked "If you could ask God one question, what would it be?", she stammered out "What does my house look like from up there?"

  • QUOTES (29)

    • (Linda and Karen are deciding which Detour to choose.)

      Karen: Let's do Zips.
      Linda: Zips? But all you've gotta do is hit one number.
      Karen: In roulette?! What are the chances you're gonna hit one number?!
      Linda: (sheepishly) Oh, roulette?

    • Mirna: (while carrying the chuck of beef) I can't hold it with the gloves. I will get mad-cow disease!

    • Chip: We've done everything you can possibly do wrong and we're still here. We might be a bit of a threat once we start operating properly!

    • Jim: Jumping into a pool of water with 25 stitches that are one day old is not the thing to do!

    • Mirna: (reading the Detour clue) Chips: Enter the casino and play a game of roulette. Charla, we're in the casino every other week! Charla, this is a sign!

    • Erika: Mr. Fair Play over here had to play fair!
      Dennis: So it's my fault?
      Erika: It's always your fault!

    • Joyce: (while delivering the meat) Oh my gosh! I hope we get a shower after this!

    • Kami: (while searching for the cluebox with Jim and Marsha) Guys. it's got to be obvious. Maybe we're just looking too hard!
      Karli: I'm sure we went right by it. (The camera turns to the right and shows the teams walking right past the cluebox)

    • Chip: We finally got the ticket that said 9:00 am and we're like, oh no, there we go again, the bottom-feeders!

    • Charla: Taxi! Taxi! (the taxi comes, to the taxi driver) You wanna help me?
      Taxi Driver: Si.
      Charla: OK!

    • Jim: We barely made the flight. It probably would've been quicker to just amputate the leg!

    • Karli: I can't describe the nonverbal language Kami and I have; I just know that it's there. This race will include doing what we're good at (together with Kami) manipulating.

    • Erika: (after being eliminated) I knew our downfall would be Dennis's kindness. But I'd rather be with a nice guy than a jerk.

    • Phil: Marshall and Lance. You are team number two.
      Lance: If I had known she (indicating Miss Uruguay) was here, we'd have been here much faster.

    • Kami: (on carrying the raw meat) Nothing like a big chunk of ass in your face.

    • Alison: (to Donny) Clearly, I'm more intelligent than you.

    • Donny: I seriously don't know why Alison and I are still together. I don't know if it's God playing a weird joke. But for some reason we can't be without each other as much as we can't be with each other.

    • Erika: (on her relationship with Dennis) The Amazing Race will be our "ultimate love test" and will amplify who we both really are and if those two personalities are compatible.

    • Marsha: My dad has guided me a lot and I look for him for advice. But he refuses to see me as anything as a 10 year old little girl that needs to develop focus.
      Jim: I don't see you has a 10 year old sometimes I see you as a...
      Marsha: (overlapping) Twelve year old?
      Jim: I see you as a 26 year old little girl.
      Marsha: (sarcastically) Perfect!

    • Mirna: I can't wait to see Phil. He's gorgeous!
      (cut to shot of Phil smiling widely)

    • Charla: Strangers love to help me! They see me and they think, 'Oh, she can't do anything, so I'll just do it for her.' That's going to be saving us a lot of time.

    • Colin: I may be most intense person ever to run this race.

    • Erika: This race has brought so much closer, even in a short amount of time. I can't imagine being without Dennis. He's so nice to everyone and if that's why we lost, oh well!

    • Phil: (regarding the non-elimination twist) That new twist will make your lives very difficult.

    • Alison: Honey, there is a double-turning lane!
      Donny: And it starts.

    • Jim: If we miss this flight, we lose the race.

    • Chip: The only way we have a chance is if we have someone--
      Kim: equally as lame as us.

    • Mirna: Can we play a quick hand of blackjack? We can double our money!
      Charla: (snatching the clue) No!!!

    • Jim: We have to find this butcher and get rid of this meat.

  • NOTES (4)