The Amazing Race

Season 23 Episode 10

Cobra In My Teeth

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2013 on CBS

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  • How people change when their luck runs out...

    i liked this episode but was soured by the obvious non elimination and as usual the team i hate most out of the remaining 'players' are the ones who are saved by it..

    nice to see the afganimals get some much needed karma biting them in the ass and oh how they bickered and moaned when they actually had to put some effort in, true colours showing !! (which i was enjoying seeing them fight) instead of being all jokes smiles, flirting and generally being complete idiots..

    Also a surprise of pinky and no brain and actually being interesting finding out more about them, i did laugh at no brains comment about maries cooking things like hockey pucks, wow that is pretty descriptive ! and i sorta cheered when she did the eggs first time and even admitted she overcooks stuff..

    the tasks didn't really seem all the special race standards of eating strange animal, do something that goes against a stereotype..
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