The Amazing Race

Season 7 Episode 1

Courteous? This Is a Race!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A new group of teams takes off from Long Beach, California on two flights to Lima, Peru. The new teams include "Survivor couple" Rob and Amber, son and mother Susan and Patrick and pals Ryan and Chuck, among others. Once in Peru, the teams follow clues taking them many miles to various destinations and exploring the country and its mountains. Tasks include riding ziplines and traveling by several forms of local transportation. Several teams fall behind after carelessly not searching carefully before locking in times on a task that put them behind the rest of the pack. Many teams express a desire to outfox, outwit and outrace Rob and Amber. A Detour, Rope a Llama or Rope a Basket, gives teams a choice of either leading llamas into pins or carrying heavy baskets two-thirds of a mile. Some teams struggle with the llamas, while other teams breeze through their chosen task. A true photo finish of mere seconds sends one team home.moreless

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  • A new group of teams began this new edition of the race and in it was great!

    A start to a new season and in it was great!

    All new teams like Rob and Amber from 'survivor'!, a great combination of teams, all new challenge! great stuff!

    The first leg took teams to Lima, Peru which was a great location for their first. As for the teams I find Meredith and Gretchen the older couple quite a bit like Don and Mary Jean from Season 6 but worse. Rob and Amber

    from 'Survivor'are very competitive but don't deserve to win because they already won $1 million from 'Survivor', Uchenna and Joyce are pretty good and should win but unlike the mother and son team who will probably be out of the game earlier.

    This episode was great how teams had to rope the Liama's in a detour which gave viewers a bit of a laugh and the fantastic scenery of Peru! The past two seasons have been awesome and this one deserves just the same.

    It was quite sad to see Ryan and Chuck leave the race first though.

    This was a great start to a season and shall have many fans!

    Although I'd have to say Season 6's first episode was slightely better.moreless
  • This is why I watch the show!!

    I felt so sorry that Chuck and his friend got the "Philiminater" as they call it on the show but

    They were charmed and down to earth if you ask me

    Glad that Ron & Kelly didn't get elminated as I would have not been cheerful in the end

    Gee doesn't everybody hate Romber as they didn't

    In Gretchen's words, level the playing field.
Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Rob Mariano

Rob Mariano

Runner Up with Amber (Season Seven)

Amber Brkich

Amber Brkich

Runner Up with Rob (Season Seven)

Ray Housteau

Ray Housteau

Eliminated 5th with Deana (Season Seven)

Deana Shane

Deana Shane

Eliminated 5th with Ray (Season Seven)

Debbie Cloyed

Debbie Cloyed

Eliminated 3rd with Bianca (Season Seven)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Debbie and Bianca become the first all-female team ever to win Leg 1 of The Amazing Race, and the fourth all-female team overall to win a leg of The Amazing Race.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Debbie and Bianca. (Prize: $10,000 Each)
      #2. Susan and Patrick.
      #3. Rob and Amber.
      #4. Brian and Greg.
      #5. Lynn and Alex.
      #6. Meredith and Gretchen.
      #7. Ray and Deana.
      #8. Uchenna and Joyce.
      #9. Megan and Heidi.
      #10. Ron and Kelly.
      #11. Ryan and Chuck. (ELIMINATED)

    • There was no Roadblock, Fast Forward or Yield in this episode. Despite the official website's claim of a Yield being available, it is revealed two episodes later that there are only three in the entire race.

    • Amber Brkich and "Boston" Rob Mariano, the "Survivor couple" who were engaged on Survivor: All Stars, will be appearing as a team in this edition. Amber Brkich was the winner of Survivor All Stars and "Boston" Rob Mariano came in second.

    • Phil says eight out of the eleven Pit Stops will be at the end of elimination legs, meaning there will be three non-elimination legs this season.

    • Phil states that the last team to check in "will" be eliminated. Over the last season and part of season five, he used the word "may" in order to not spoil which legs are elimination legs. However, since this is the premiere, the producers might have thought it was obvious anyway that the first leg would result in an elimination.

    • Susan and Patrick are the first mother and son team in the history of the program.

    • This is the first season where members of more than one team (Meredith/Gretchen, Brian/Greg and Bianca) share the same last name.

    • At Playa de hermosa beach, teams had to search through the sand to find departure times for a flight the next morning to Cuzco, Peru. Debbie/Bianca, Susan/Patrick and Rob/Amber have the 6:00 departure; Ray/Deana, Brian/Greg, Lynn/Alex and Uchenna/Joyce received the 7:00 departure; Megan/Heidi, Ryan/Chuck, Ron/Kelly, and Meredith/Greten departed on the 7:40 flight. In addition the 7:00 flight was delayed for 45 minutes.

    • Ray/Deana, Ryan/Chuck, Debbie/Bianca, Megan/Heidi, Susan/Patrick, and Ron/Kelly were on the better flight to Peru, which left later, but arrived sooner. It connected in Miami.
      Lynn/Alex, Rob/Amber, Megan/Heidi, Uchenna/Joyce, and Brian/Greg were on the flight that departed sooner, but arrived later. It connected in New York City.

    • Detour:
      Susan/Patrick, Debbie/Bianca, Meredith/Gretchen, Uchenna/Joyce, and Ryan/Chuck chose "Rope a Llama", where they had to rope two llamas and take them up a trail to an empty pen.
      Rob/Amber, Brian/Greg, Lynn/Alex, Ray/Deana, Ron/Kelly, and Megan/Heidi chose "Rope a Basket", where each team member secured a basket with 35 lbs. of alfalfa to their backs with a rope and carried it two-thirds of a mile to a store. Debbie/Bianca quit the llama roping to complete this task.

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  • NOTES (11)

    • This is the first leg where a cash prize was awarded other than the final leg.

    • Team Nicknames:
      Lynn & Alex: The Happy Boys
      Rob & Amber: Romber
      Ryan & Chuck: The Hill Billies
      Megan & Heidi: The Blondies
      Meredith & Gretchen: The Old Couple
      Brian & Greg: The Surfer Guys

    • Although Ron and Kelly's description is "Dating" on the page, the on-screen description reads "Former POW/Pageant Queen" which does not describe their relationship with one another.

    • This is the first season that the racers did not travel across the globe. Instead, a semi-circle route map was used.

    • Show creators Bertram Van Munster and Elise Doganieri are added to the credits shown before the message to stay tuned for scenes from the next episode.

    • Premiere date meant that The Amazing Race would be airing during a season when a new Survivor series is also on and will extend through the May sweeps period.

    • Premiered only three weeks after the end of the sixth season

    • Two-hour premiere

    • This is only the second time that something other than a vacation was awarded as prize for coming in first on a leg other than the final. Digital cameras were awarded once in a previous season.

    • It has been stated in interviews that the producers were against casting Rob & Amber but CBS forced them to make the couple a team.

    • Rob and Amber are the 2nd and 3rd contestants to have been contestants of another reality show. Amber is the first contestant to be the winner of another reality show to participate in this series. Brian of Brian and Greg is the fourth reality star He was on the Season 4 episode of Fear Factor - Cable Surfing; Gift Exchange; Lake O' Fire". He wasted his twenty minutes of eating his gross item on talking and was kicked off.